You Won’t Believe Tiaga Prem’s #1 Secret for More Beauty

Everybody wants to feel beautiful. Everybody wants to feel free.

There are countless beauty products to make your skin look younger, to colour your hair, to lose weight…the list goes on and on.

Countless magazines about how more sex, more relationships, more designer clothing, and more celebrity gossip will make you feel more complete. More like you.

This is the world of self improvement. The philosophy that more is better.

That someday, somehow, something outside of you can validate you and certify you as a beautiful person. This approach is a dog chasing its tail.

Imagine if you taught your child to live in this way. That a new boyfriend or girlfriend will make your child happy. That expensive clothes make a person prettier.

And that if your child were prettier, skinnier, more like the stars of Hollywood, then he/she would be happier and you as a parent would love him/her more. It's completely insane.

And yet we speak to ourselves like this everyday.

Break the cycle. Speak to yourself the way you would speak to your child. I love you. I believe in you. Always do your best. Have fun. Be creative. Be You. You are the most beautiful when you show up as you. Sharing with others amplifies this beauty. You can do this.

Kindness truly is what makes a person beautiful.

And your commitment to loving yourself and serving others will make you radiant, brighter than the stars, expanding outwardly  from you're True Inner Beauty.

From you're inner knowing that you are incredible. You are unique. And you're kindness inspires others to see the same within themselves. Sparks of kindness will inspire the world around you to glow with you.

So be magnetic. Be Kind. And Be You.


Tiaga Prem Singh

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