Why would I want a Kundalini Awakening?

Not everyone would! The awakening of kundalini energy is a powerful spiritual experience, that has the ability to forever change the way you relate to the world. If a kundalini awakening is something that you’re interested in, and prepared for, it can be a beautiful, meaningful, and life changing experience. And, sometimes when kundalini energy starts to wake up, it can take people by surprise and feel strange or confusing. So, read on to know what to expect if this powerful energy starts waking up within you!

What does it mean to have a Kundalini Awakening?
A Kundalini awakening is a mystical experience that can facilitate waking up to your deepest, truest, nature. Kundalini experiences involve the activation and rising of the body’s natural spiritual energy. In the yogic traditions this energy is often depicted as a snake that sits dormant at the base of the spine, who one day becomes activated and snakes its way upward, from the lower to the upper chakras.

So how does kundalini wake up?
There are many ways that kundalini energy can become activated. The mantric and meditative technologies of Kundalini Yoga are designed to awaken kundalini. Sometimes just sitting with a powerful teacher who has a strong energy body can be enough to bring on this experience. For others, breathwork practices like holotropic or biodynamic breathing can bring her on. She can
also wake up through good old fashioned s.e.x!

Also, know that kundalini wakes up in her own time and she can’t be forced… but if you have the desire for this experience, then kundalini is already awakening within you. The desire for awakening usually precedes awakening. So, just by intending to activate your kundalini energy the process has begun this site.

What does it feel like?
This is a great question, because when not understood kundalini experiences can feel weird or even frightening, especially if they show up during sex or another such time when you aren’t intentionally doing energy work. When kundalini rises, the body starts to release and unblock areas of stagnation so that energy can freely circulate. This can feel like electricity, involuntary shaking or tremors, changes in breathing, feeling really hot or cold, sensitivity to light, or strong emotions and even old traumas coming into consciousness.

What do I do if this is happening to me?
Welcome it, invite her in. Celebrate this as the beginning of a spiritual awakening and a profound step on your spiritual journey. Remember the law of impermanence and know that whatever you are experiencing won’t last forever. Your system will learn how stabilize and integrate this new energetic experience. Reach out. If you’re feeling unsure or troubled about what you’re experiencing, find someone you trust who you can talk with about what’s happening. We live in a day and age where there are many professionals skilled to understand and integrate energetic experiences such as this. Look for someone who provides trans-personal or spiritual counseling or who offers services in working with spiritual emergence, psychedelic integration, or sacred sexuality.
And as always … hold yourself with love and presence .


Written By Sarah Trivett

Sex Counselor + Yogini


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