How to walk the lonely path of spirituality

Walking the spiritual path can be a narrow, challenging and lonely journey.

But one thing I've learned through the years of stumbles and soul searching, is that you have to do it for yourself and can't expect anyone to do it for you.

Your friends probably won't understand, your parents may or may not support you, and the society around you may call you weird or put pressure on you to accept things just as they are.

My advice to you is to look within and live from the guidance of your own soul. Don't let the crowd define you. Lean on God. And when I say God, I mean You.

Ong Namo Gurudev Namo. I bow to the Master Within. Whatever that means to You.

It may be in the encouraging words of your teacher, or the words of the mystics, or the beautiful sound of Naad (sacred music), or the smiles of your sweet children, or in the light of a beautiful sunrise.

Your inspiration for living a spiritually fulfilled life is the Real You. The You that speaks to you in your dreams, the You that whispers where to go when you're quiet in meditation, the You that comes to pick up the pieces when your heart is broken and can't take anymore pain, the You, your Holy Sacred Self that whispers You can do this. Wahe Guru!

Get Up. Keep going. We got this!

And then from this place of knowing elevate the world around You. Bow to the ones, the spiritual community (sat sanghat) who get it. Who see you're authentic commitment and cheer for you to walk with grace and strength. And who get up everyday with the same courage to do so in their own lives.

The real ones who are invested in breaking the mask and having genuine connections.

The dreamers, the activists, the organic farmers, the environmentalists, the mystics, the inventors, the prophets, the Yogis, the mothers and fathers, the musicians with songs of freedom and joy, All People of Love.

May we be surrounded with these People of Love and may You serve your Inner Master by being you and blessing the world with peace daily with your authenticity and commitment to being a living truth.


Tiaga Prem Singh

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