What is your frequency? How to change your vibration.

What vibration of frequency are you tuned into right now? Take a moment to close your eyes and listen to any mental chatter that is circulating throughout your mind. You’ve picked this up as you’ve moved throughout your day. It’s not really yours. This is the past, present and future all swirling about in subtle chaos that has a certain energy effect on your current experience.  Any word or mantra uttered silently or out loud produces molecular waves, both gross & subtle. These intentions ripple throughout the universe. That’s why every thought, every word & every action produces a vibration in the atmosphere which affects everything!

Whether it's your current emotional state, the flow of blood through your veins, or the ebb & flow of the ocean tides, these rhythms all follow a specific vibration. When there are disturbances, there is dis-ease. For there to be peace in your world, you must come back to the mind, to the subtle energies within, and become steady.

Next time you notice a negative thought pattern arising and taking you down the rabbit hole, pause. Is this thought even true? Did you pick up on it from someone else in the ether? Nature is a beautifully intricate, humbling and mysterious experience. She has the power to create, to trick, to destroy & to be harmonious all in the same moment. By adapting powerful words or mantra into your subtle vibration, you create a more radiant auric field around your Self not only for protection from bad vibes, but for brightening up the lives of others. You can shift your entire experience through this practice, bringing you back into a state of harmonious interaction with Nature. Trust in yourself, trust in your intrinsic Nature that you have the power to shift your human experience and become receptive to the ability to shift your experience.

Sitting each morning, when the world is quiet, and really listening to the subtle vibration that is within every cell of your body & even beyond your skin provides you with the clarity that is your True Nature. In the early hours of the morning when I am sitting with myself and the only sounds are the birds chirping outside the window, everything is so simple. The sound of my breath, the pulsation of my heart and the vastness of my mind is so unique. So calm. It's during these moments when I feel I totally receptive to what the Universe is whispering to me. It's before I begin judging myself. It's before I I've had a chance to open myself up to outside experiences. And when my eyes open after gazing at my internal landscape and they meet the rising sun over the mountains, this is when I feel the most at peace.

Explore different techniques and do what you feel the most drawn to. Whether it’s playing a mantra while laying in savasana or sitting silently with yourself in the early hours of the morning, it’s all opportunity to tune up your frequency.

By Kimberlee Deyoung

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