Turning the key

Through what door is change coming into your life? The key is already in the door, all you have to do is turn it. Once you open the door, there will be so much available to you, how will you step into these new opportunities?  April's New Moon in the fiery sign of Aries, brings new energy + motivation – but when things really get heated, we must be able to hold our center, access our neutral channel + discern where this energy best serves – so as not fall victim or cause harm.I nvite a sense of balance to the energy available this month, through the practice of Yoga Nidra (featured below) or stop in to the Temple to pick up the crystals of the month, curated  in-house to contain the fire.


Neutrality is the power

Duality, craving, comparison, irritability  — all of these block your ability to heal. How do we create the pause, so that we can understand through compassion + become neutral?  Tiaga Prem shares a discourse that asks these questions + more…

Immersive + Transformational

2 more weeks to jump on the earlybird rate for our 200-Hour Temple Yoga Teacher Training with Sina Shalbaf + Annie Au taking place at Dharma Temple from Aug 6th – 17th. . Click here for full details.

AudiO TemPle


April showers bring more powers. Take advantage of the vitality current + charge your pranic body this month. We've curated music to move + meditate to. Click the images to be directed to both Audio Temple soundscapes. Enjoy!


This month for our guided meditation we are bringing the practice of Yoga Nidra.

It is to be performed in the savasana position as a journey through conscious relaxation of the body to cultivate a state of equanimity. This refined state of being brings incredible healing benefits to our body, mind + soul.

It is advised to remain completely still + awake to receive the maximum benefits of the practice. It is also recommended that Yoga Nidra is practiced 2-3 times per week so feel free to return to this meditation again & again.

Lead by Sina Shalbaf (@yogasina) with music by Anne Leader (www.anneleader.com). Produced by Anne Leader at Mantra + Music Studio.


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