Ground + Expand

Welcome to the first broadcast of the Virtual Dharma Temple. We are honored to launch this offering on the New Moon of each month, to provide an overview of where we are energetically within the wheel of the year, the alignment of the stars + what we are experiencing in the social + political climate as well. As we are spiritual beings having a hue-man experience, it is our intention to offer these broadcasts to encourage more consciousness + compassion in the way we face our personal challenges + how we adapt our energy to serve our relationships + our global community.

March initiates the spring season, and in it brings a call to overcome the inertia of winter. As we slowly re-emerge from our hibernation, we may feel sluggish + resistant as we approach the new moon that is in watery house of Pisces. Expect emotions to flow and lean into your practice to transform emotion to devotion. **We have a selection of crystals in the boutique right now curated specifically for this new moon portal, should you desire a little extra earth medicine energetic support!

Themes for the month include creatively adapting to the new energy that is available to us. The longer, lighter days we are enjoying as we approach equinox allow us to see things in a new way, shedding some light on some of the things that may have been laying dormant all winter, (or your whole life.) Make space!

You are ready to start bringing some energy and focus to really grow something! Don’t over analyze things too much, just start and the pressure will be off. Begin with the breath… simply start to breath a little deeper, more consciously + imagine bringing in this new energy and new ways of being in your Self.

Our curated video this month is a simple breath practice you could do daily to energize + ground as we usher in this new season.



9 Minute Earth Attunement + balancing breath meditation.

Sj (@radianceandritual) guides this 3 part breath + meditation practice to invoke a harmonious connection with the Earth, while curbing addictive impulses for substances + bad foods. This set is designed to increase oxygen delivery to the brain + body while facilitating a focused, intelligent, and neutral state of mind. As we transition from winter to spring, this set will boost the immune system by activating your solar energy. Watch, practice and then apply your personal practice. Timing can be anywhere from 1-3 mins per exercise, you could do any part of the meditation as a stand-alone practice, or altogether a super simple 9 min meditation practice that anyone can do. Enjoy!

Immersive + Transformational

Dharma Temple is excited to announce our Immersive 200-Hour Temple Yoga Teacher Training with Sina Shalbaf and Annie Au taking place at Dharma Temple from Aug 6th – 17th. Watch the feature video above for more information. Click here for full details.

AudiO TemPle


Put a little spring in your step. Its time to shake off winters hibernation + emerge into something new! We’ve curated this list to remind you of the light you carry within, to inspire a good spring cleaning sesh, to invoke creativity + to cast your dream seeds for a fruitful year ahead.


Listen to this guided meditation by Tiaga Prem to sooth your nervous system + cultivate forgiveness in relation to the emotional new moon energy.


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