Rooted Remembrance

The Earth ruled May's new moon in Taurus, the fixed earth sign of the zodiac. We reflect on the Divine Mother energy as we witness the blossoming of new life + we embrace the sensory pleasure of the seasonal flora + fauna.

In May, we invite practices to deepen your connection with feminine energy, beyond gender, it is the remembrance we are all constantly creating and to learn how to listen, to tune into, + use our intuition. When we become still + sensitive we can understand + work with our vital life force energy to create in positive + productive way.

Slowing down our breath will expand our lungs capacity + efficiency. We aim to stay rooted this month, but really stretch ourselves into previously uninhabited spaces within + without. Pace yourself with whatever energy you have and match your enthusiasm with the rhythm of what is showing up in your life.  Feel deeply, connect to your heart beat and breathe in joy  + liberation.  Share yourSelf fully and receive your infinte worth. Enjoy the supplemental practice + discourse this month.



Being a Seeker

2 breaths per minute:

Access your neutral mind

Tiaga Prem @tiagaprem leads an effective breath practice to develop the meditative mind. The neutral (meditative) mind is one of three mental bodies, the others being the positive and negative minds. It’s attributes are compassion, service, and balance. Establish a practice of this meditation watch yourself rise above agenda and the details of the world to give a more neutral + compassionate assessment of how you can best serve what lies in front of you.


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AudiO TemPle

Sense Nourishment

May flowers. Breathe deep, celebrate the Earth, and the piece of Earth you hold as your Body Temple. Move your body. Renew your sense of wonder + be inspired. See and create beauty, through your actions, voice + thoughts. Embrace your magic, intuition + work with your vital life force.



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