Looking for Vancouver Kundalini Yoga Classes?

Dharma Temple Yoga Studio on Main St. is offering Daily Kundalini Yoga Classes here in East Vancouver. The classes are taught by Tiaga Prem, SJ Gooding and many other fantastic Kundalini Yoga Teachers.

Classes typically run 90 minutes and are held everyday in our high-vibe studio. Come tune-in and charge up!

Please check out our schedule to find out when the next class is.

What can you expect in our Kundalini Yoga Classes?

At Dharma Temple we are share Kundalini as in a conscious energy.  It is a technology to amplify human consciousness while removing lower vibrational energy from the physical + mental bodies of the practitioner.

It is an ideal practice in today’s fast paced world as it requires little time to practice and produces profound results.

A Typical Kundalini Yoga Class in Our Vancouver Studio

Our classes include Meditation, Mantra, Kundalini Yoga Techniques and Movements, Relaxation, Dance, Spiritual Discourse, Music, Gong Bath and more. Each class is different depending on the teacher, season, vibration and other various factors. You can be sure that we have the community and student's best interests in mind and will teach accordingly.

What are the Benefits to doing Kundalini Yoga Classes?

Kundalini Yoga at Dharma Temple is about creating space within so that you may become the best version of You!

It is not about rules or belief systems but rather helping you develop as a strong individual so you can manage the stress and pressure in your life.

  • Develop the power of the intuitive mind
  • Learn how to connect with sound through chanting and mantra
  • Connect to the spiritual masters before you
  • Turn Karma into Dharma
  • Create a personal aura to protect from negativity
  • Learn how to relax deeply
  • Develop a high-vibration lifestyle
  • Connect with community
The Dharma Temple

Come try your first Kundalini Yoga Class at the Temple in Vancouver!

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We hope to see you in our community soon!

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