Tiaga Prem

Tiaga Prem (Formerly known as Reno Muenz) is the Director of Dharma Temple. He has spent 20 years uncovering what it means to live a spiritually inspired-conscious life. He believes every student has the capacity to step into the role of the master.

If you are looking for a mentor who can help you become a more effective teacher, be a better business person, attract more prosperity in your life and learn to communicate effectively in your relationships – consider a 90 day program with Tiaga Prem.

You will develop a deeper understanding of what yoga is and how it works. You will be guided through yoga philosophy programs as well as kriya and meditation sadhanas.

Many great teachers in Vancouver and world wide have worked One One with Tiaga Prem to elevate themselves and their community.

90 Day Program – Details
Tiaga Prem recommends a minimum 90 day commitment. Many who complete the initial 90 day program stay on for mentor/student relationships.

The program includes 90 days of email and text communication support.

You will join Tiaga Prem for three one-hour sessions over the 90 day period.

Costs: $450 for the 90 day program. $200 hourly.


To book a session email connect@thedharmatemple.com. Online booking coming soon.