Modern mystic + Meditation Guide devoted to a life of study + service, Tiaga Prem shares insight + wisdom from a myriad of traditions + teachings, always grounded with humility + humor. He's is inspired by a path of sobriety, music, family + plant-based lifestyle.
He offers a free recovery circle on zoom Thursdays at 10 AM.
Find out more information + ways to connect with him.
Yancy resides in Los Angeles, California and is a beautiful member of our global family. He shares that, through yoga practices + techniques we can free ourselves from the constraints of the body and the mind. Be sure to libertate yourself + check out his otherworldly class offerings.
Being Human, Jade welcomes a high level of compassion, radiance + overall joy into her practice + teaching. She finds harmony in creating positive experience through the combination of movement, meditation, vibration + deep relaxation.
Blessed to teach by master Sri Dharma Mittra in NYC, Sina brings a wide offering of yogic techniques to his dynamic yoga practice. Sina is passionate about the devotional elements of his practice, such as kirtan + seva. He is currently steeping in new fatherhood + delving into sustainable gardening practices. Donate to Sina + his family here.
Kelbey is interested in bridging the gap between spiritual practice + the subtle movements of life. Focusing in the realms of frequency and vibration he creates a space for self love, reflection and healing through ritual, movement, meditation, deep listening.
Find more of Kelbey's offerings + ways to support his work here.
Erin’s focus is embodiment and curiosity; practicing coming back to recognizing + listening to the wisdom that our bodies hold. To do this Erin believes we must start the conversation through contemplation and noticing. To contemplate somatically (felt sense of the body) in hopes of developing greater connection within, which then can translate to greater connection to our community and the divine in all things.
Surya is a student of the magic, wisdom and wonder that is our hue-being experience. She seeks to walk gently and with great purpose to encourage and empower exploration and self-awareness. With embodied movement, breath alchemy, mindfulness + mantra, we practice to heal, unite + uplift ourselves and each other.
Sara Jade / SJ
Sara Jade is dedicated to a life of healing + helping others through her devotional, creative and intuitive classes. She shares meditation, mantra, rhythm + ritual as simple + important tools for mental, emotional, physical + spiritual wellbeing. As a mother and entreprenur, she engaged in work that is creating a more peaceful + sustainable planet for future generations.
Marika Richoz is Kundalini Instructor + Chef.
Her passion for Kundalini comes from experiencing first hand the effective tools it provides for stress reduction + the clarity it brings to managing everyday life.
Her classes are upbeat and invigorating with an emphasis on breathwork + movement. She is also offering cooking classes + dinner parties on zoom to help us stay connected virtually.
Sasha’s offerings pour out of a poetry soaked heart + an old soul.
Nature walks with Spirit, is the devotional earth medicine Sasha genuinely offers to our community on Tuesdays + Thursdays at Noon. Participate in sweet ritual that remind us that life is a sacred ceremony.
Emily is a curious, passionate and dedicated healer.
Fascinated by physical anatomy, spirit; the science of functional breathing, + intuitive soul guidance. Emily works within the holistic relationship of body, heart, mind, and spirit. She draws inspiration from the many facets of her lived experience including theatre movement training, dance, ritual, mental health expressions such as anxiety and depression, the biology of stress, body positivity, shadow work + energy healing.