Sina Shalbaf

Co-founder of Dharma Temple and a senior certified Dharma Yoga teacher, Sina teaches individuals through the framework of a range of yogic technologies to best serve what the student is seeking.

Expect a personalized session to contain an element of asana practice. To Sina, asana is a spiritual practice with a heart-centred approach to cultivate radiant physical health, preparing a meditators mind, and personal disciplined so we may go beyond our blocks. For students with an established asana practice, deepen the practice by receiving guidance from someone that has been on the path as he will prescribe different yogic techniques to accelerate the process depending on the goal.

Hourly sessions with Sina can be extraordinarily beneficial to both beginners and advanced practitioners.
Sina can provide knowledge on finding your personal asana, pranayama (breathing techniques), and/or meditation practice for a complete personal sadhana (daily practice).

Immediate benefits: Feel uplifted, de-stressed, balanced.
Long-term benefits:Clarity of yoga practice will infuse to every aspect of your life. Clarity of mind. Physical benefits, weight,strength and flexibility.

Past students developed a real committed practice, found comfort within the yoga practice and for public classes so they can embody themselves.

For progressing students looking for direction, Sina can provide deeper asana practice, along with a deeper connection to all facets of yoga including pranayama, meditations, chanting, mantra and visualization as they are all a part of his own personal Sadhana.

Sina currently offers one-hour sessions for $110. Get a free 10 minute consultation (phone or in person) to understand individual needs.

If you are interested email to setup a free consultation with Sina to understand your individual needs and if working with Sina is right for you.

Sina is also available to teach groups, private or corporate.