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Sara Jade (SJ) is a co-founder of Dharma Temple and a mama, yogini + creatress. She is an animistic practitioner + she cultivates reverence through a devoted daily practice. Sourcing her inner strength and commitment to healing, her work has allowed her to face the pain of family trauma, recover from years of disordered eating + depression,  to heal her body-mind connection and thrive in her art, business + creativity and her role as a Mother. Commited to her work, she fosters community, teaches techniques for mental health, invites creative agency, offers spiritual coucil and is full-spectrum doula.

Looking + listening in depth at your current lifestyle, SJ will co-create a personal practice + space that reflects your present needs + focus. Immersed in spiritual books, intuitive practices and seasonal medicine as a youth, put her onto her path, Forever a student, and humble human participate of The Learning. Sharing her lived expeiriences of kundalini technology, ritual + energy healing, chakra balancing, breath practices and tea meditation.

Uncover which aspects of your life are deserving your attention + healing.

SJ brings her medicine bag of tools; including nearly 20 years of Yogic Practice,  kundalini, meditation + postures, breathwork, mantra, mudra + alchemical awareness of elements. Attuned to natures cycles (seasons/moon phases) earth medicine (plant/crystals) meditation, energetic healing, SJ will work with you to develop a sadhana (spiritual practice) that inspires you + refines your connection to your Self.

Ritual doesn’t have to be elaborate. It can be simple. It’s a way to bring sacredness to every day life. The meditations can be done in quiet solitude, or with your children crawling on top of you. Uncover techniques relevent to modern life to bring a greater grounding, clarity + meaning to your life.

SJ offers virtual classes, motherhood musings, digital courses, + 1-1 coaching, and group faciliation.

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To book a session email sj@thedharmatemple.com

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