a Dharma Yoga Teacher Training

Immersive 200-Hour Temple Yoga Teacher Training

This training is an exploration into all facets of Dharma Yoga.

It is an immersive experience to embody the teacher within.

Let this in-depth training bring about great wisdom via knowledge and direct experience.

Learn a complete Yoga practice that is designed to develop radiant health, a clear mind and an open heart. Let the universal teachings that are within us all rise to the surface.

Come express your True Nature through the feeling of bliss, contentment and a deeper sense of compassion for our conditions and environment.

The goal is to experience this state, even only briefly at first, and ultimately realize that it is accessible within us at all times. We then begin to actualize it in our everyday lives through thought, action, and speech.

Inspired by the teachings of Sri Dharma Mittra…

This training is a deep immersion into Dharma Yoga as a lifestyle practice for the purpose of Self-Realization.

With foundations in the traditional style of Hatha-Raja Yoga, we will explore the tools to lead a complete practice by interweaving ancient wisdom in a modern context through movement, breath, meditation.

The techniques of the masters will be revealed so we can share the practices in our own way by making them relevant and accessible to all.

In the process of this immersive training you will gain the knowledge of:

  • Leading the Dharma Yoga® Level I Sequence safely and effectively
  • Each asana by breaking down and exploring them from the anatomical, physical, and energetic levels
  • Modifying the asanas for students of all-levels, providing intelligent cueing, adjustments, and variations
  • Foundations of modifying a yoga practice to speciality groups (prenatal, postnatal, seniors, kids, concussion, injury, etc.)
  • Learning about pranayama, drishti, bandhas, mudras, and how to incorporate them within the asanas to deepen the experience
  • The incorporation of mantra, chanting, music, and sound therapy
  • The art of guided relaxation and meditation as part of the fundamental closing sequence of each yoga practice
  • Shat-karmas & kriyas
  • The ancient scriptures including in-depth study of the 3 main texts (Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Hatha Yoga Pradipika) and how they relate to contemporary yoga and life
  • The law of karma, chakra system, koshas, the vayus, gunas and kleshas
  • Importants of self-practice, rituals and routines; how to incorporate it in our daily life
  • Living the yogic diet in the 21st century
  • The ethics and business of Yoga

As the emphasis of this training is to develop yourself as a teacher, we stand behind the understanding that the best teachers come with knowledge and personal experience.

Experience a full variety of daily classes with specialized clinics to deepen your personal practice through the exploration of:

  • A variety of asana variations and sequence transitions
  • Yin Yoga
  • Gentle Yoga
  • Advanced yogic techniques
  • Psychic Development Techniques
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Kirtan
  • Maha Sadhana
  • Partner Yoga
  • Inversions workshop

The training material will be presented with a playful approach to remind us that dedication and disciple is not independent from having fun!

Upon completion of the program contact hours, exams, and internship period requirements, Students will receive certification as a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher under Dharma Temple as a Yoga Alliance accredited school.


Teaching Staff

Sina Shalbaf


Living the life of a Yogi, Sina Shalbaf has dedicated himself to share the teachings. He pulls on practices from many lineages and teachers as he’s sought out and spent extensive time with masters in India, Thailand, Canada, London, and NYC. When he met a guru in Sri Dharma Mittra, he began to integrate all his understanding of yoga asanas, meditation, spiritual knowledge, and life’s experiences through Dharma Yoga, having completed his 200hr, 500hr, and 800hr certifications at the Dharma Yoga Center NYC. Sina is now known for his Ayurvedic approach to the practice which meets the student where they are at, offering skillful yoga practices that best serves each students unique physical, mental, and environmental conditions.

As a founder of Dharma Temple, he shares the benefits of a yogic lifestyle with the high vibe community, through his own way of integrated spiritual understanding into daily life so others can express the True Self in THEIR own way.


Annie Au


Currently a yoga nomad, Annie travels around the world including Mexico, France, Canada, Thailand and Bali teaching 200hr & 300hr yoga teacher training. With gratitude, Annie has studied with Sri Dharma Mittra in New York City since 2015, having attended the 500hr and 800hr Life of a Yogi Teacher Training (LOAY). She offers an integrative Yin Yoga and Chinese Meridians teacher training infusing the ancient wisdom of Daoism, traditional Chinese medicine, and Yoga philosophy. Annie has certified over 200 yoga teachers worldwide. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia. Specializes in yoga anatomy, Annie uses an approachable method when teaching yoga anatomy to help students have a better understanding of the human body and practice more intelligently. Annie can lead a dynamic class filled with inversions with a duality of restorative and healing yin sequences.

For more about Annie, visit www.annieauyoga.com


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Dates: Aug 10th – 21st

Location: Dharma Temple

Tuition: $2950

$300 transferable deposit to reserve your spot.
Pay in full by May 1st and save $250.
Pay by July 1st and save $100.

Tuition includes the asana sequence charts, Dharma Yoga teacher’s manual, anatomy chart and anatomy manual.

*a limited number of partial scholarships will be granted to those with financial need. Apply by email to Sina directly at sina@thedharmatemple.com or use the contact form below.