About SJ

SJ is a co-founder of Dharma Temple and a mama, yogini + creatress. Kundalini Yoga teacher and years of study of Hatha Yoga inform her devotional + fluid classes. She curates the monthly Moon Temple and manages the creative elements of Dharma Temple. She is inspired by her family, community + nature.

Looking in depth at your current lifestyle, SJ will co-create a personal practice + space that reflects your present needs + focus. Specializing in home/nature alter curation, kundalini technology, chakra balancing, breath practices and tea meditation.

Uncover which aspects of your life are deserving your attention + healing.

Through kundalini yoga technology, yogic healing techniques such (breath, mantra mudra) acknowledging natures cycles (seasons/moon phases) earth medicine (plant/crystals) meditation + personal ceremony SJ will work with you to develop a sadhana (spiritual practice) that inspires you + refines your connection to your Self.

Ritual doesn’t have to be elaborate. It can be simple. It’s a way to bring sacredness to every day life. The meditations can be done in quiet solitude, or with your children crawling on top of you. Uncover techniques for the “householder” to bring more clarity, joy + meaning to your life.

To book a session email sj@thedharmatemple.com