Urban Yogi Immersion

Develop mental clarity to face our modern obstacles and stressors caused by urban living

This transformational life of a yogi immersion is led by Sina Shalbaf

Sina Shalbaf


In an environment of rapid change and what can be seen as chaotic at times, it's our foundation that allows us to be clear with our own direction, without getting pulled into the drama of urban living. Just like how we use forks for dining, showers for bathing, & vehicles for transportation, we use the techniques of Yoga & Meditation to fuel, clear, and direct the mind daily so we can remain established in what is important to us.

This course is designed for those looking to develop a personal practice or deepen their knowledge of traditional Hatha-Raja techniques for mental clarity to face our modern obstacles and stressors caused by urban living.

Master the foundations of Dharma Yoga, working with a specific posture sequence, pranayamas, meditations & mantras to incorporate them into a Self-practice which you can take with you for the times you can't make it to the temple.

Sina Shalbaf is an experienced teacher in leading sadhana practices and is passionate about the transformational effects an yoga immersion can provide. For the students that decide to make the commitment, Sina makes himself readily available to facilitate, provide personal guidance and offer his knowledge throughout the course. Students will be given personal practice plan requirements in between sessions to stay engaged.

Learn + Develop a Self Practice that will last a Lifetime!

Join this 4-week immersion into the life of the Modern Yogi.

Attune to the Autumn energy with an invigorating sadhana.

2018 Dates:
Nov 4th
Nov 11th
Nov 25th
Dec 2nd

Day Schedule:
Class: 12-1:30pm
Lunch break: 1:30-2:30pm
Integration: 2:30-5:30pm