The Biggest Misconception about Kundalini Yoga

If there was one thing that you wanted the world to know about Kundalini Yoga what would it be and why?”


What a great question. My response to that question is this:

Kundalini Yoga, contrary to popular belief is about self sovereignty.

However most people only see the external aspects: the turbins, the long beards, the dress all in white…They think you have to look a certain way in order to practice and that is simply not true.

It's about creating a practice to clear away the mental bullshit that's keeping you from being you. It’s about creating a lifestyle system that's going to support you to be completely free.

Kundalini Yoga Supports You to be You

Let’s say you love rock and roll and you want to be free in that realm. You want to play music and go to show. But you're tired of being weighed down by addiction or making harmful decisions that are keeping you from your purpose and your passion in life. Kundalini Yoga can support you to do that.

If you feel called to go deeper into the study of some spiritual practice it can support you to do that. Let's say you want to be a better mom or let's say you always wanted to be a painter, whatever it is it will support you to do that. Say you're an activist and you want to really make a difference for the planet it will support you to do that.

We're all coming up against anxiety and stress and it's a difficult time to live on this planet. There's a lot of interconnection especially with mental stuff and the vibration is really intense and harsh.

Let Kundalini Yoga Ease the Pressures of Life | Come to Kundalini Yoga Class in Vancouver

Kundalini Yoga can help ease up that pressure so that you can live your purpose because that's really what this is all about living your purpose rather than being told what you're supposed to be and you telling yourself that you can't do that. See more tips at

If you’d like to learn more about Kundalini yoga, meditation and techniques for living a beautiful and passionate lifestyle come to the Dharma Temple. We have Kundalini classes daily in Vancouver. You can also subscribe to the Virtual Dharma Temple aka our Social Media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram and our Podcast where you can listen and learn wherever you are in the world.


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