The Dharma Temple Yoga

200 hour immersive teacher training in Thailand

Yoga Alliance Certified Hatha Vinyasa Yoga + Yogic Techniques

Nov 12 – Dec 02 // 2019

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Go beyond the physical.

This training gives you a physical baseline to teach vinyasa yoga.

Learn to teach the subtle techniques that allow deeper awareness, understanding of our inter-connection + access to our infinite potential.


During this 20 day training…

We will inter-weave the process of teacher development through personal practice to embody our highest potential.

You'll experience a full variety of daily classes with specialized clinics to deepen your personal practice through the exploration of:

  • Daily morning Sadhana
  • A variety of asana variations and sequence transitions
  • Yin Yoga
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Advanced yogic techniques
  • Yoga Nidra 
  • Kirtan
  • Partner Yoga
  • Inversions workshops

In order for humanity to keep evolving, we need to cultivate a practice that contributes to harmony, yoga is one such practice.

Here is a detailed list of what you'll be learning so you can teach confidently:

  • Leading a complete vinyasa flow Sequence safely and effectively
  • Study asanas by breaking down and exploring them from the anatomical, physical, and energetic level
  • Modifying the asanas for students of all-levels, providing intelligent cueing, adjustments + variations
  • Learn the key principles of posture sequencing to construct your own unique yoga classes
  • Study the Subtle + Emotional Bodies and working with them in class theming
  • Foundations of modifying a yoga practice to speciality groups (prenatal, postnatal, seniors, kids, concussion, injury, etc.)
  • Learn foundational structural anatomy to apply to your practice + teaching
  • Learning about pranayama, drishti, bandhas, mudras, and how to incorporate them within the asanas to cultivate a deep focus that precludes meditation.
  • The incorporation of mantra, chanting, music, and sound therapy
  • The art of guided relaxation and meditation as part of the fundamental closing sequence of each yoga practice
  • Shat-karmas & kriyas
  • The ancient scriptures including in-depth study of the 3 main texts (Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Hatha Yoga Pradipika) and how they relate to contemporary yoga and life
  • The law of karma, chakra system, koshas, the vayus, gunas and kleshas
  • Importance of self-practice, rituals and routines; how to incorporate it in our daily life
  • Living the yogic diet in the 21st century
  • The ethics + business of Yoga 

Upon completion of the program contact hours, exams, and internship period requirements, Students will receive certification as a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher under Dharma Temple as a Yoga Alliance accredited school.


Meet Your Yoga Instructors


Sina Shalbaf

Living the life of a Yogi, Sina Shalbaf has dedicated himself to share the teachings. He pulls on practices from many lineages and teachers as he’s sought out and spent extensive time with masters in India, Thailand, Canada, London, and NYC. When he met a guru in Sri Dharma Mittra, he began to integrate all his understanding of yoga asanas, meditation, spiritual knowledge, and life’s experiences through Dharma Yoga. Sina is now known for his Ayurvedic approach to the practice which meets the student where they are at, offering skillful yoga practices that best serves each students unique physical, mental, and environmental conditions.

As a founder of Dharma Temple, he shares the benefits of a yogic lifestyle with the high vibe community, through his own way of integrated spiritual understanding into daily life so others can express the True Self in THEIR own way. 


Sara Jade Gooding

SJ is passionate about sharing yoga as source of psycho-spiritual-emotional healing. With thousands of hours committed to trainings + practice, SJ reveres + credits her dear teachers *not limited to*: Sri Dharma Mittra, Guru Singh, Gurmukh, Guru Rattana, Tina Pashumati James, Mara Branscombe, Suzanne Slocum-Gori, Danny Paradise, Sharon Gannon, Sasha Bahador, her partner Tiaga Prem + daughter.

“Devoted to the path of self-liberation,  my journey has taken me to the deepest confines of my body, mind + heart. It is my honour to impart the teachings that most impacted my life, that continue to reveal themselves, and have vibrated as true to my soul as messages to compassionately share with others. I understand, live by + communicate universal teachings to bestow the reminder that we are all connected + that our true nature is Love.  My learning’s have uncovered that anyone step can into their power, that the magic lies in personal experience, and presence speaks. SJ affirms that if applied as a lifestyle practice that is sustainable + adaptable to the seasons + cycles life/nature,  yoga will bring light-heartness, creativity + joy.

Astrology, ayurveda, aquarian philosophy + technology, shamanic learnings – cha dao, rhythmic vinyasa, kriya, subtle body awareness, sound current + breathwork influence my offerings.  Yoga provided me means to find a more unified state of being. My physical practice, my spirituality, how I raise my daughter, my partnership, business + creative outlet is my yoga.”


Caitlyn Fry

Aims to help more yoga practitioners understand the body and confidently apply it to their practice + teaching practice. In this training Caityn will provide students with valuable, informative + comprehensive lessons in Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology.  Her methods of teaching include fresh ways of explaining the body, that allow students to understand and apply + learned information into their long term memory.

Growing up as a professional dancer, introduced her to the movements, limitation + possibilities of the body. This opened up a desire to learn about the body as deeply as possible took to studying the practice of registered massage therapy. This path allowed her combine creative, intuitive + estroteric movement with an expert level of understanding the science behind the physical body. Confident, skilled and highly trained, Caitlyn’s professional experience with assessing, diagnosing, treating and preventing common things such as: possible pain-patterns, modifications, injuries, medical emergencies, and pathology cases allows her students an immense opportunity to learn. She continues to deepens her education, + passionately shares her knowledge + expertise via her personal brand + teacher training programs.


Pranayama Garden surrounded by nature Pranayama Garden is the perfect place to all of those who are looking for peace and tranquility while practicing and teaching Yoga.

The name Pranayama Garden was inspired by a prime organic garden that is also part of this incredible project. Its goal is to encourage a healthy lifestyle for body and mind thus, all its teachers, students and friends are welcomed to enjoy the organic garden.

The space consists of a Yoga hall that holds up to 30 students on mats, an outdoor, covered library with tables and cushions for gathering, an outdoor kitchen, and an organic garden. The Garden, which is visible from the library and Yoga hall, grows local fruits and veggies available to guests on a donation basis. Take what you need, and donate fair according to your capacity.


Join us for this incredible once in a lifetime yogic training experience.


Nov 12th – Dec 2nd, 2019


  • Accommodations
  • Daily Buffet Lunch
  • Training Manual
  • Asana Sequence Charts
  • Anatomy Chart & Manual
  • Special Bonus excursions!

Tuition Packages: 

Early Bird: $300 off registration if booked before Aug 15, 2019. A minimum deposit of $500 is needed to guarantee this rate.

Fan Cooled Bungalow: $3100 $2800
Air Conditioned Shared Single Room (A/C): $3350 $3150
Air Conditioned Bungalow: $3570 $3270
Sea View Single Room: $3850 $3550

*all prices in CAD dollars

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