(SJ) is a mama, yogini + creatress. Kundalini Yoga teacher and years of study of Hatha Yoga inform her devotional + fluid classes. She curates the monthly Moon Temple and manages the creative elements of Dharma Temple. She is inspired by her family, community + nature.
Blessed to teach by master Sri Dharma Mittra in NYC, Sina brings humour + humulity and a wide offering of yogic techniques to his dynamic yoga practice.
Tiaga Prem, is the Director and head teacher of Dharma Temple. He has spent 20 years uncovering what it means to live a spiritually inspired-conscious life. He believes every student has the capacity to step into the role of the master. @TiagaPrem on IG.
Honouring lineage + influenced by her background in performance arts, metaphysics, body sciences + sound healing, her classes focus on breath connection + celebrate community.
From many years of study with Clara Roberts-Oss, my teaching style is heavily vinyasa inspired with progressive and process-oriented movement towards peak poses or an anatomical focus, while my message comes from the heart. Not a lot of fluff - 'real talk'.
India offers ritual movement medicine. Embracing the ever-changing ebb + flow of our lives, India's graceful rhythmic classes are creative, energizing + meaningful.
AKA Japa Kirin Kaur is a Thanadoula (Death Midwife), Life Transitions Coach yoga and meditation facilitator. She is devoted in all aspects of her life to personal, collective, and ecological wellbeing and awakening.
Experienced in Ashtanga Vinyasa and traditional practice, Victoria uses structure to support freedom, leading students through movement and into an experience of meditation.
Alison has a deep understanding of anatomy, physiology, and injury prevention as a registered massage therapist + years of dance and movement training. Most recently, completed her yoga teacher training with Meghan Currie. A natural teacher + healer,
Sasha’s offerings pour out of a poetry soaked heart + an old soul.
Formerly a kinesiologist, currently a shamanic practitioner , she believes it’s all one.
Her Teaching is candid, the talk is real, the movement steeped in aligned attention.
Jeff is a tech COO, yogi and certified executive coach. His classes are a blend of approachable asana practice, meditation techniques, gentle kriyas and yoga nidra deep relaxation. He is passionate about adapting ancient teachings to inspire modern leadership.
In his teaching and practice Kelbey is interested in bridging the gap between spiritual practice and the subtle movements of life. Focusing in the realms of frequency and vibration he creates a space for self love and healing through ritual, kundalini yoga, movement, meditation, deep listening and sound therapy.