Jeremy is a spiritual teacher + co-founder of Dharma Temple Calgary.
A dedicated daily practice has rooted his connection with purpose and a
recovery of Self. He loves sharing yoga + meditation, as well as teachings
from multiple lineages which have served him in his journey of
awakening. He finds great joy in sharing + assisting others on their path.
Ariffa seeks to experience + share yoga through a joyful and curious lens. Honouring the innate intelligence of the body, she weaves movement + mindfulness together across the spectrum of intuitive + traditional. Join her to move cathartically and intimately in expression of the true moment.
Dr. Saleste Mele is the founder of 24 Twelve Inc, a wellness platform dedicated to awakening our full potential through ancient wisdom. Saleste has been in the holistic field over 20 years with a Ph. D. In Metaphysical Science + specializes in using sound as medicine.
Krista Reierson is the founder of Chalice Grove, a health and wellness platform, and is a sought-after explorer in the field of the human psyche; with a background in psychology, kundalini yoga and the mind, body, soul connection, Krista’s wisdom derives from her mental health hitting rock bottom. Her work is deeply rooted in psychology, epigenetics, the quantum, ancient yogic philosophy + experiential-based-learning.
Lauren is a co-founder of DTC and is honoured to be teacher + space holder +
matriarch to community + family.
Yogic technology has helped Lauren navigate her challenges and allowed her to turn her pain into medicine.
A passionate plant-based chef, Lauren shares her nourishing presence when offering Kundalini, or serving tea as meditation.
Ayla is immersed in Tantra study, yoga nidra + meditation + is a life long student. "In our darkest moments, our greatest teachers are closer than we could ever imagine. It is the willingness to be open to our own wisdom, the greatest teacher of all."
Erica has been exploring the gifts of yoga for 20 yrs she has a deep desire to be of service to others - in her heart, she knows it is her vocation.
For 20 years, she has been deeply committed to her full- time job as a High School Mental Health Support Worker. Erica is grateful to have found the tools of kundalini which support optimal mental health.
Darshan Jot
Darshan Jot began her adventure by having the desire to embark on a journey to a sacred spiritual place guided by a higher source. Her desire is to have peace and happiness with a knowing she has finally come home through the discovery of Kundalini Yoga and Self Love, has been a gift and has been a continuum of self-discovery.
Janey is devoted to the transcendence of self through movement, music + breath. With a background in Iyengar, vinyasa + prenatal yoga, her offerings encourage intuition, self trust + liberation from that which holds us back."