Teacher Feature: Kevin Naidoo

For our first teacher feature, we asked upcoming Meet Mother Kali workshop with Kevin Naidoo about some of his influences+ insights, here's what he says!

Currently, what is something you are grateful for?
Grateful for Divine Mother Kali
What are some non-negotiables regarding your practice?
My prayers, my chants, and honouring my body each day
Who influences/inspires you?
My teachers; Danny Paradise, Kali Maa, Trevor Hall
What projects are you currently working on?
Currently working on a Goddess Series,,Exploring the 4 main Goddesses of the Hindu Pantheon,,a exploration through mythology,mantra,and iconography 
What is your favourite yoga book? + favourite personal book that has changed your life.
The gospel of Ramakrishna + The Alchemist
How do you spend your time when you are not teaching or on your mat?
In Nature. Reading yoga books
Do you have any advice/insight for newcomers to the Dharma Temple?
What is your advice for starting a self-practice?
Be compassionate with yourself and remember a practice doesn't have too look like anything, 5 min a day connecting with you
What inspires + motivates you?
Maa Kali

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