Take back your Power.

Develop your inner compass by doing something everyday that connects you to consciousness. Meditate, so you can access the universal mind and also attune yourself to energy… thoughts are energy; which ones are taking up a lot of bandwidth?

There is so much stimulation coming at us, a multiverse of information is available at our fingertips, and a large body of it not “real” or at least fabricated, spun to promote political/capitalist agendas in order to get us to consume, vote with our money, keep us distracted, fearful, in scarcity + in the illusion of separateness. Recognize you take in all of it, consciously or not….

The way we can clear our own cache, is by meditating, and finding our own neutral channel to ask ourselves “Does this vibrate as true for me?” You may not be the same person you were a year ago. Some experiences may have given you real knowledge and perhaps you see through a new lens. What’s true for you today may not have been last year, or yesterday for that matter. What’s important is that you have access to your inner guidance, and you KNOW when faced with things that call your attention, it is not a knee jerk reaction, or emotional outburst that is you simply responding to past pain, or a collective pain point, or preprogrammed status quo. Part of being a meditator is learning to think for yourself. To become so secure in yourSelf that fitting in is not an option.
We need rebellious, creative, courageous folks to forge the way for our youth. Meditate to recognize that the inner is creating the outer. Accept your wounds, own your huemanness + affirm your presence. You Belong, you are not here to play small. Place a little cushion between all that small sh**, inherited limited outlook/beliefs and breathe your way through them.
Be you, and stand in your integrity so the youth know what it means to have the power of discernment, stability + Self-sovereignty. We need consciousness; in order to raise a conscious generation.

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