How to Battle the Resistance in Your Life

The challenges of your life are great opportunities to develop character and awaken the warrior within.

When you resist the lessons presented by these challenges, by pretending they don't exist, the challenges become ghastly beasts that will continue to force their fire breathing heads into your life over and over again.

But there is a way to face them. Beyond fear and addictive behaviour.

Daily Sadhana leads to the taming of the dragon. It is a resistance management program. Daily clearing of blame and accepting the challenges of life with faith and determination.

Align yourself with your purpose. Make it a priority, first thing, as soon as you wake up. Take a bath. Put on the robes of the Emperor or Empress in your life. The Royal You.

Then chant, pray, sing, meditate, stretch, breathe…Step into your authority as a spiritual warrior even when you feel broken.

Face the dragons of this life with courage. Remember God is always with you, as You. This is what the ancients called riding the dragon. See the challenge. Face the challenge. From a clear and balanced place. Skillfully. As the true Master of your Destiny.

My teacher @gurusinghyogi says that resistance only occurs when you resist.

This teaching is not to go with the flow but rather to notice where you are not aligning with your purpose. Recognize your totality (true self/sat nam) in relationship to your conditions (karmas).

Bring it all into balance from there (yoga/Oneness with God/You).

Align your insight with your purpose (dharma). And from that level ground take action.

When you practice the game of life in this way it is much easier to see who you are in relationship to the problems that you face.

The challenges of life won't go away, and thank God for that, because those challenges are there to serve you. To build character. To reveal the Grace of God within You.

However they will give you the opportunity to face the dragon and to ride the dragon, as the hero of your own life.

So what are you waiting for? Get up and do Sadhana. Train the head brain, heart brain, and gut brain to align with your purpose.

And teach your children to do the same. Love You.


Tiaga Prem Singh

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