Purpose over pleasure leads to infinite potential

Everybody wants to experience the benefits of yoga + meditation but very few want to apply the necessary grit to reveal the diamond within.

Although pleasure (Kama) is one of the four aims of life, according to yogic texts like the Mahabharata and the Rg Veda, it is a trap when sought after exclusively with no input from the primary aim of life which is purpose (or dharma).

When the foundation of our time here on the planet is divine purpose, our reason for being here, (which is a mission only you can define) then we can expand from the inside outwardly, rather than seeking pleasure from the outside (jobs, cars, sex, etc).

The idea here is not to deny yourself any pleasure in this life, that's for sure. But to see when you build your life on purpose, the Real You, which is revealed through your determination, commitment, self love and devotion, then you can experience great prosperity (your own soul), pleasure (the infinite bliss of You) and Moksha (Liberation-which includes living an inspirational life that encourages others to shine bright and connect with their infinite potential as well).

Don't get comfortable.

Or become complacent. Don't fall into the complaining of the times + the pointing out insanity. Make your life a living prayer. Stretch beyond what your mind thinks is possible and live life from the infinite potential of your very own soul. The master within. Get inspired.

Let Devotion fuel your purpose. And ignite your life with Love and the motivation to create a world filled with harmony and grace.


Tiaga Prem Singh

  • Laurencia Coupal

    Beautiful teaching. Yes it does take determination, commitment and devotion to shine as your true authentic self but the resulting nectar is sweet. Thank you as always for inspiring.

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