Power Animal Drum Journey with Paige Faraci

The Dharma Temple is honoured to be hosting Paige Faraci September 30 1-4:30pm offering of one of the great shamanic tools by coming to journey with the drum.  In this journey you will be guided to connect with your Power Animal and the medicine it has to offer you for life. As one of your primary guardians, you can begin to develop a relationship as a way of learning how to walk in power. Sign up here.

Paige found her spiritual home almost instantly as she dove into her fist shamanic week of ceremony. The ancient teachings and practical tools for healing gave her a sense of inner knowing that had not been present until that point. A language inside of her had been woken up which she could never find words for prior. The profound transformation of the work has not only changed the trajectory of her life but has given her the sustenance to thrive. The learning never stops. The healing always continues, as this tradition reveals the many layers within us that we can access if we are open to it.

It is Paige's intent to live and walk her medicine. She feels passionate about sharing the knowledge that has been given to her so that we can all continue to heal. When we heal ourselves, we heal for many. We can never underestimate the healing that we do as each piece of awakening transpires to our families, friends, communities, lineage and many more.

Paige is a certified Shamanic Coach and Practitioner through the Institute of Shamanic Medicine. What that really means to her is that her highly respected teachers have given her the Sacred Trust to share these ceremonies and teachings with others. That, she feels, is an incredible honour and does not take it for granted. It is part of her Sacred Dream to work with the people to awaken their Sacred Dreams and the dream of the planet. 

This 3.5 hour workshop will be a beautiful look into the beauty way of the shamanic path. Early bird rate of $45 will be up till Sept 20th. Don't miss this opportunity to work alongside this beautiful teacher and learn more about the tools that serve your growth + our collective evolution.  Sign up for the workshop HERE.

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