[Podcast] How to Elevate and Become Your Higher Self through Meditation – Revealing the Diamond E01

This week we talk about meditation as the first episode of the Revealing the Diamond podcast! We are super excited to be broadcasting to you on a weekly basis sharing our favorite spiritual tools and techniques for life mastery.

Show notes:

1:20 – How does meditation play a role in our personal development?

  • Meditation is mostly about sifting through the many thoughts we have.

2:40 – What should people do if they feel called to meditation? How to start?

  • Just sit and listen to the sound of your breathing. Just a mantra.
  • It's better to use mantra because its easier at the beginning.
  • Your commitment is what is going to elevate you more than anything.
  • Don't aim too far beyond your reach.

6:00 – How does meditation help us transform?

  • It gets rid of the stuff in the way of seeing our true self.

8:30 – What happens to us from childhood to adulthood

  • Subconscious mind is storing too many stories which may not even be true; just your perception.
  • Samskaras – digging a groove in a record so deep the needle can't get out and you repeat your habits.
  • Meditation will realign you with your true self especially with mantra.

10:00 – Practical starting points

  • Start first thing so its done. Make it a priority.
  • Plan B – do it when you can.
  • Meditation doesn't necessarily mean relax – it sharpens you.
  • Start the day as the diamond

13:30 – Can meditation start world wide revolution?

  • Yes, because it's inclusive, no need for clubs or religions; no separation
  • It's just taking some time to connect with higher aspect of you
  • We all want to be beautiful and want to feel free





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