How to overcome the Ego’s need to be right.

See through your need to be right and instead place your attention on the part of you that is beyond form. Shift your paradigm + move your energy towards the True Aspects of You.

Your Divine qualities that are beyond time and space. Compassion. Eternal Love. Grace. Radiance. The Kingdom of God aka All of Creation is within You. Devotion (Heart) and Commitment (Navel) are what reveal these Infinite qualities of your Authentic Noble Self.

But how do we let go of the need to be right (worship of the intellect and emotion) and transform into devotion (worship of the infinite light within you)?

When you have thoughts, which you will have many, it is the minds duty to think – A necessary part of the human experience. Notice the thoughts and see, is this coming from a place where I'm offended and need to defend myself – A place where I feel like I have to prove myself for validation, from the outside world around me (I know you are but what Am I? mentality).

Or is it coming from an inner knowing that dwelling within me is the majestic wonder of the entire universe, the intelligence of the creator, which is beyond measure, beyond form or label and doesn't need to be right or validated by anyone – because I know that I'm beautiful,  intelligent and capable of greatness.

And no one can take that away from me (Internal Knowing-I Am). I also know at the core of all Beings (Souls=God) that everyone is equal to this radiant part of me. There is no hierarchy, and when I exist within this place I don't need to be right or to prove anyone wrong.

To put it simply I Am Awesome and Everyone is equal to me.

This ability to process thoughts and transform them from emotion and the need to be right to devotion and the understanding of my true self (Sat Nam) comes from developing the meditative mind with the repetition of mantra, prayer, and eventually contemplation (which is carrying your body through your life and across this earth as a living prayer).

So choose to live a life of prayer, truth, and inner knowing and release your need to be right. Instead just Be You.

For as Nanak said You Are True in the Beginning. True Through All Time. True Right Now. And you shall -Forever Be True.


Tiaga Prem Singh

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