NAAD: Sacred Sound + Mantra – April 29

Join Siri Amrit Singh, a devoted practitioner and teacher, in a powerful workshop combining Kundalini Yoga, Mantras, and time tested practices.

Find your voice, deepen your Kundalini practice, and activate your own authenticity, healing and joy.

This workshop is for all levels of practitioners, from beginners to advanced, all are welcome.

Our universe is sound + vibration.

From the furthest reaches of the galaxy, down to the very molecules in your being, everything is in vibration.

We as humans have our own vibration… our own unique sound. In the Ayurvedic tradition, connecting with and experiencing your body and voice in this way is said to be one of the most healing practices.

The practice of Naad Yoga opens up a deeper, more physiological experience of the power of sound and mantra, bypassing the intellect of the mind.

Workshop Cost – $25 + taxes.

4-6pm @ Dharma Temple.

Register here.

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