Meet your facilitators: Upcoming Light the Dark workshop

What is at the Heart of your fear? Light the Dark; The Alchemy of Fear is a workshop designed to allow emotions to be felt and honored. Fear can teach us so much, if we are willing to look. It is in the feeling sense where we grow and trust ourselves to work with whatever arises and falls in our life.

Fear has an uncanny way of pulling us into our past wounds or pushing us forward into a scary and unknown future. How is fear holding you back from living your true expression? Is fear preventing you from being truly present in this moment? Here a little more from our facilitators Kathleen + Brittany.

Say this with me now: “Signs and symptoms are not my enemy. My body is not my enemy. My feelings are not to be feared.”

This means that the irregular and painful menstrual cycles, the anxiety/depression, the insomnia, the aches and pains, all the myriad of discomforts that the body and spirit manifest are actually invitations to look deeply and compassionately at what your body is trying to tell you. Through this lens, the signs and symptoms you experience end up being a roadmap to your optimal health and wellbeing. I believe that ultimately, your body is whole, resourceful and wise and it is my job as a practitioner of Chinese Medicine to help you find your path to tap into that balance.

Hi there, I am Kathleen Lee (most folks call me Kat) and I am passionate about supporting curious human to live empowered lives. I have a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine and am a licensed acupuncturist who uses the combination of traditional acupuncture, Five Elements acupuncture, manual therapies, nutritional/supplement/lifestyle counseling, intuitive coaching and herbal prescriptions to support you on your journey to your highest expression of health. My mindful gatherings and heart-centered acupuncture treatments focus on pinpointing and unraveling root cause of suffering (both physical and emotional) to create lasting and practical changes for my patients. I love to utilize the wisdom of the east and blend them with the innovations of the west to create a holistic healing experience for my community.


Instagram: @empoweredcuriosity

Clinic: Acubalance Wellness Centre

Brittany ~ The resiliency and wisdom of my heart guide me through this life, with compassion and the courage to feel the depths of what is meant for us to learn and grow from. I come from a mixed Ancestry of Ukrainian on my Mothers side, Scottish, Irish, and Metis in my Fathers lineage. I grew up in a small northern town, near the water that nourishes my Soul, the rocks, the Northern Lights and the Spirit of Eagle.

The journey of self-love + self-realization reflects the endless polarity that is both painful and liberating. When I first began to meditate, I discovered how heartbroken I felt inside. The truth is, I lived in fear, in distrust, and in a fairytale that someone was going to save me, to love me. I reached for substance to numb myself from feeling emotions because I felt so much and did not have healthy practices to lean on. As a watery Cancerian, emotions are felt deeply and I am grateful in choosing to feel so that I can embrace healing, and transformation without being tossed around in a helpless swell. Through the steadiness of practice, and patience, I learned the answers are already within. The sensitivity of our Being is a gift. We need to work with the mind, the medicine of the Heart and nourish the connection to all.

The relationship to Self has been strengthened through yoga, meditation and the Aquarian Luminosity Lifestyle Training at The Dharma Temple. The pathway to freedom through the lens of Kundalini Yoga, + meditation techniques allowed me the tools to listen more deeply, and then follow my Soul. I practice in the healing magic of yoga nidra, and recently completed training with Jana Roemer. One of my dear mentors is Mara Branscombe, and I will be stepping into the work of The Medicine wheel and Shamanic Teachings of the Q'ero of Peru through a 300hr YTT with Chris Selda in Squamish. I am deeply honored and grateful for all of my teachers and embrace the life of a curious student.

In the uncovering of my Ancestral roots, the practice of listening to the messages with reverence and honor, I give thanks to all my relations. To Pulxaneeks, for teaching me and inspiring the heartfelt acknowledgment of The Indigenous Peoples, on these lands we reside. My Heart gives thanks to the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations as I live and work on the un-ceded territories now known as Vancouver.

The truth is, we have all been colonized. We have all been affected by the Patriarchy, and the systems that are breaking down. The pathway to Self and to truly live your purpose, share your gifts is unique and sacred to you, and remembering we are not alone in this work, the support compels me to keep going and sharing through heart and the power of Spirit.

Together we explore the watery depths of our Beings within. Calling in the directions, connecting to the darkness, the unseen, while tethered to the truth of eternal love. Working with the body, mind, and Spirit through movement and meditation. Embodying the higher frequency of love, and witnessing the sanctity of what is there for you as a teaching, a blessing for your path. The fire of divinity transforms the reigns of fear into freedom, living life with a calm mind, and an open heart.

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