The keys to a balanced meditation practice.

You see alot of fancy poses and creative ways to string them together these days with social media increasing the amount of people practicing and posting it.

It's inspiring to see this creativity + also to know that so many people are being drawn to the practice. Ultimately the more people practicing the better.

This highlight reel of instagram, or whatever social media platform you use, often doesn't showcase the sattvic aspects of the practice, the meditation or rest really where the magic of yoga really happens.

When we balance the rajasic aspects of our practice, with meditative long holds and deep relaxation(sattvic) the para-sympathetic nervous system can kick in and this is where healing and the recalibration of our body-mind- spirit can actually occur.

Its important to recognize that there should be harmony in the practice so that it's sustainable, if it's just rajasic practice all the time eventually you will fry your nervous system + burn out. The goal of the asana practice should be steady and balanced, create a meditative mind.

The main postures are for meditation and should be held quietly for a long time. All the transitions + variations are to occupy the mind, to entertain.

So, if you are bored in yoga, try some new transitions, get inspired by your instagram feed or from the more advanced yogi's in your class so you challenge yourSelf.. But also learn to be still in the poses, that's where you will reap the most benefit.

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