What is Aquarian Luminosity?

Dharma Temple founders, community leaders, parents and creators, Tiaga Prem + Sara Jade have a combined reservoir of over 40 years of living spiritual practice, that includes but is not limited to: the ancient teachings of Yoga, Kundalini, the teachings of the Sikh faith, Buddhist thought + zen practice, earth-based spirituality, somatics + numerology.  In the 5th year of offering this life-changing course,  AQL is launching it's fully interactive online format.

This immersive 6-month course is designed to reveal to YOU what it means to live as an empowered version of yourself, teaching + leading through your presence + embodied authenticity.

AQL is an experiential journey to uncover your purpose, develop a meaningful, sustainable practice so you can show up as a Teacher/Leader in alignment with your values. SJ + Tiaga Prem together weave a supportive container for all participants to evolve, grow + apply these tools for living a meaningful life of vitality + compassion.

In these times of great velocity and massive change, we are experiencing an ever-increasing pressure socially, ecologically, financially, politically, technologically. New and strenuous demands on our nervous system drastically affect our lives; our relationships, our physical + mental health, and how we connect spiritually. Without the knowledge or application of solid tools to manage this stress, it shows up as dis-ease in the body, challenging relationships and mental health issues such as rampant anxiety + depression, burnout, loss of purpose, feelings of disconnection and addiction.

Now more than ever before WE need to take charge of our lives + be the change. It is time to own our autonomy + take the reigns of our personal liberation. Aquarian Luminosity is the transformation you seek.


In this training you will:

  • Learn to meditate + follow your Inner Guidance
  • Learn about your energy + how to shift your frequency.
  • Understanding breath techniques. Learn + apply pranayama techniques and how to share breath practices to serve specific conditions.
  • Develop a “tool box” of clearing techniques + energy boosters.
  • Resource a meditative mind on-demand.
  • Explore wisdom traditions from eastern + western philosophies and key practices.
  • Work individually to uncover unconscious blocks + bias.
  • Work as a group to strengthen communication + community.
  • Strengthen your nervous system + your intuition.
  • Connect to your Inner teacher and develop “your voice”
  • Learn to live in harmony with the elements + how they apply to your lifestyle.
  • Study of yogic systems. 8 Limbs (Raj Yoga) + Kundalini Technology
  • Learn about the power of sound healing; mantra + music.
  • Study food as medicine. Ayurvedic wisdom + plant powered lifestyle.
  • Strengthen energetic boundaries, and cultivate aligned relationships
  • Maximize your creativity.
  • Embrace the Divine Feminine + Sacred Masculine and go beyond the binary.
  • Develop your own ritual lifestyle, integrating the tools that work for you.
  • “Yoga as medicine” develop a personal sadhana.
  • Practical application of teaching tools. How to lead + serve individuals, communities + the collective.
  • Participate in earth stewardship, spiritual activism + seva programs.
  • Open discussions. Free from dogma or Spiritual Bypassing
  • Discover your strengths + live by your values.

About your guides:


Tiaga Prem Singh

Tiaga Prem is a beloved teacher + mentor for spiritual seekers and those aiming to recover their connection to their True Self. Studying the lives of the mystics + immersing in the traditions of great yogis, sage, saints, + meditators, he honours his path as scholar + student. As a DJ for many years,  having “one foot in the ashram, the other in the nightclub” Tiaga Prem's spiritual journey includes recovery from addiction. He shares his story + the spiritual practices that gave him the courage + clarity to support others on their path of awakening + reclamation.

Tiaga Prem is passionate about sharing spiritual wisdom + knowledge in a contemporary context.  He does this with humour, music or pop culture references. Combining techniques + practices, he teaches that anyone, from any background, or level of experience can their True Self + Liberation. Tiaga Prem shares a spiritual podcast called Revealing The Diamond,  a weekly study group called Truth Seekers Union, and a weekly recovery circle.


Sara Jade

Mama, creatress, empath + writer, SJ's been cultivating reverence through a devoted daily practice for nearly 20 years. Sourcing her inner strength and commitment to the healing modalities of Hatha Yoga, Kundalini + earth-based ritual,  her healing journey has allowed her to thrive in life, business + creativity, and her role as a Mother. She fosters community, teaches techniques for mental health, invites creative agency, offers spiritual council, and is a full-spectrum doula.

SJ humbly shares Kundalini in an organic, intuitive + experiential way. Highly attuned to energy, sound/music, she holds a space for nurturing through rhythm + repetition, delivering a meditative journey that is rooted in sovereign personal process.  She shares tools to enhance energetic boundaries, own + re-write your story, embrace creativity + walk a way of beauty honouring the earth, elements + all beings.

What you receive in this online training:

42 Live Sessions with Tiaga Prem + SJ

Aquarian Luminosity comprehensive digital manual

A supportive group container to move through this program with.

High Definition Sound + Video for all live sessions.

Senior Mentoring from past graduates.

Private Social Channel to stay in touch throughout the program.

Personalized practices adapted to your lifestyle.

Practice teaching in smaller groups.

Dyad work in 1-1 breakout rooms

Ceremonial offerings to acknowledge where you are in your journey

Space between each weekend to delve into personal practice + integration.

Access to Tiaga Prem + SJ for inquiry + guidance.

Aquarian Luminosity Certification




Who is this training for?

  • This training is for anyone seeking tools for meditation, mental clarity, health + vitality, commitment, building self- trust, mindset upleveling, community + guidance on an authentic spiritual path, free from dogma. This training will provide you with all you need to share the course material from a place of embodied experience.
  • 2020 revealed a massive gap in our mental health care system + how frazzled our systems are as a collective. AQL offers a path to addressing the stress/stressors + lifestyle factors that contribute to suffering and how we can practice harmonizing self care with our busy lives.
  • Kundalini/Yoga teachers + students that seek healing from the patriarchal wounding of harmful guru dynamics, will find honest open conversation, accountability, and a commitment to equity + compassion in the Aquarian Age.
  • 1oo % commitment to the course material will provide transformation in your life. This course is offered LIVE and your presence/participation is required. If you are seeking accountability in your practice, reflection from peers + the support of a container to experience the benefit of learning/growing together, then AQL is for you!

This is the age, the time is now… learn some techniques, apply it in your own way + share from your experience.

This training will serve you the tools necessary to inspire enthusiasm, develop intuition, and the give yourSelf the authority to step into the role of the Teacher (aka best version of You).

Breaking the paradigm of an outdated education system, standing for equity, truth + liberation, Aquarian Luminosity is an immersive personal exploration of applying yogic technology + universal wisdom to live a conscious life.

Aquarian Luminosity provides tools, knowledge + dialogue to be a strong + steady individual. When individuals are strong, society is strong. When we connect with like-minded folks, strengthen our understanding of our values + hopes for humanity,  we are inspired to change. Daily practice inspires action for heart-centered communication, service + experiences. “You are the catalyst. You make the yoga work. Without you, all teachings, are just words on a page.” ~Sara Jade

ONLINE Course Tuition: 

TOTAL |$2500

*EARLY REG RATE till March 1 2021 |  $2222

Registrants will be contacted upon payment for consult.

Course Dates / Weekends  | CALGARY 2020

APRIL 9|10|11

MAY 14|15|16

JUNE 11|12|13

JULY 9|10|11

AUG 13|14|15

SEPT 10|11|12

AQL online schedule:

Friday evening's

6-8 PM PST | Check in, Practice/Ceremony + Group work

Saturday + Sunday

730-9 AM PST | practice

9-930 | break

930 – 1130 AM | Lecture/Lessons/Discussion

1130 – 1PM | break

1-3 PM | Lecture/Lessons/Discussion


** Exact Calgary course times will be announced soon**

If you have any questions about the course please send an email to lead trainers directly using the form below.