Kundalini Full Moon Meditation

The natural world is a series of rhythmic cycles and when we are tuned into them,  we greater align with our dharma/destiny through honoring the cycles + seasons of life.

There is the rhythmic cycle of each season merging into the next: the winter snows melt, the seedlings sprout, the sun beats its rays on a warm sunny day, and the leaves begin to dry up and fall and float away. There is the rhythmic cycle of aging: the sweet and innocent nature of a baby, the ambition will power of a teen and an adult, and the contemplative nature of our elders.

The Full + New Moon is a wonderful time to cultivate rituals that are meaningful to you and your family, as you create space to meditate, inquire + celebrate your life, family + friends.

This kriya, Antar Naad Meditation is a beautiful way to celebrate each full moon.

We clean our home, prepare a beautiful meal, get dressed in white + exchanges gratitudes for something that we experienced over the previous month. Before sharing this meditation as a family. We love to chant along with Nirinjan Kaur’s version.

Antar Naad Meditation is a key to opening the flow of Kundalini. In doing this meditation, one cultivates new awareness that will give you the authority to make the right choices with grace + conquer the ugliness of life. You will be peaceful and secure.
The hands begin in a prayer pose just below the navel centre.
As the mantra starts with Sa Ray Sa Sa start to bring the palms up the center front of the torso, about 4·6 inches in front of the body.
As you pass the Heart Center, begin to open the hand mudra to make an open lotus by the time the hands reach the level of the Brow Point.
The open lotus has the base of the palms together. The little fingertips touch, the thumb tips touch, and the rest of the fingers are spread open.
As the mantra begins Har Ray Har Har turn the fingers to point down, with the back of the hands touching.
It is a reverse Prayer Pose. Slowly bring this mudra down the chakras in rhythm with the music until the fingertips reach the Navel Point on the sounds Har Rang. Then turn them around and begin again.
Time: 11 – 31 minutes.


Referenced from 3HO https://www.3ho.org/kundalini-yoga/mantra/antar-naad-mudra-full-moon-meditation



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