How to experience oneness

Be creative and enjoy yourself.

When we think of generosity we generally think of sharing things. Donating money to charity or serving food to those who don't have anything to eat.

These are essential daily  practices on the spiritual path and yet there are other components or characteristics in this life that you are here to share. These are your gifts and talents.

If the purpose in this life is to recognize your purpose and then fully live that purpose (dharma), then you have a responsibility to share your gifts and talents. And not keep them hidden because you are concerned about how other people will receive you.

Don't play to the crowd. Just be You. Share your voice like a bird, with no need for validation or approval from your peers.

The Yogi is a person who is on the path of Yog, or Yoga, which means Oneness with The Creator (aka Realization of Self).

In order to experience this it makes sense that we must be generous with our creativity. Art is so sacred to us as humans for this very reason. It is the attempt at describing our own Infinity through self expression. A devotional act of sharing our inner soul with the outer world.

To put it quite simply if you want to experience Yog, Oneness with the Creator, than Be Creative.

Share your gifts and talents with the world. Be You. This form of generosity is the cure for dullness and a getting by mentality. Choose to increase your inner glow. Have fun. Make Art Be You. And the blessings of the Creator will be at your feet.


Tiaga Prem Singh

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