Healing our emotional wounds to heal our world.

I have experienced first hand the healing power of Yoga as a means to overcome addiction. Addiction develops as a means to cope with our pain, as Dr.Gabor Mate narrates and illustrates in the video shown here. As a recovered alcohol + drug abuser I know it can seem impossible + frightening to face your addictions, and even more so, the wounds that are lying underneath those addictions. It is my intention as teacher and spiritual mentor, to help you in your sobriety connect to the light with in you so you can do what you are here to do, shine. If it's anything from putting the bottle down, getting off drugs, overeating, sex, your smart phone, or negative thinking – if your addictions are holding you back my stepping into your true potential, reach out and contact me, Tiaga Prem. HERE.

  • Joani

    Awesome video. I can totally relate because I’m an RN but I’m also a alcoholic and addict. My life has been a series of unfortunate events and continues to be a life of pain, loneliness and suffering.
    I make myself go to yoga, meditate, and eat healthy. But…..for many people they don’t have the option or the opportunity for recovery and self love.

    I am determined to change that….I want to make a difference in some way, some how, one person at a time if necessary. I don’t have much but I’m willing to give if myself to help.

    Thank you for making this very poignant clip! It’s the unfortunate truth of our society and culture.

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