Live a life of purpose, prosperity and mental clarity.

Foundations of Freedom is an 8-week online course that will support you in discovering how a daily, integrated, holistic, spiritual practice – that is accessible to all and free from dogmatic rigidity – can open you up to living a life of purpose, prosperity, and mental clarity.

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Join Tiaga Prem Singh for this complete, integrated, holistic course that is designed to support you living a Purposeful Life.

Inner Values, Spiritual Lifestyle, Mental Clarity, Physical Vitality, and more.

Learn about Classical Yogic Practices in an accessible modern way.

Great for beginners or new students to learn an integrated holistic approach to Yoga.

Begin an effective daily practice.

Explore how Kundalini Yoga + Meditation works.

Get in touch with your values and your mission in life .

What you can expect by taking this course:

Personal Alignment

Develop an effective daily practice, through self – analysis, inner values, and a series of techniques and practices designed to support you living in alignment with the Real You!

Live Your Purpose

Create a navigation system around your values and use your new routines as an effective force for propelling you forward into living your authentic purpose.

Daily Sadhana

Learn what Yoga is and how it works as a complete system – including exercise but not exclusive to exercise – and how to implement a life changing daily sadhana (spiritual practice).

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  • 8 Learning Modules to guide you through the program
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  • Meditation Exercises
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Kundalini Kriyas
  • Easy to follow videos
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