Experience Feature: Sound of Source

“When we hear phrases like “going in deep,” “going beyond,” “transcending,” or “profound introspection,” what experiences come to mind? Which practices come to mind? How can we connect to those depths and states again, if we can? This will be the heart of the unspoken conversation we have in this workshop. We'll become more attentive and comfortable with the physical body through an enlivening, ecstatic and freeing slow flow of asana. We'll loosen the deeper kinks of the energetic body with an extended pranayama practice. We'll forge a connection to a more subtle and perennially balanced level of mind through a yoga nidra practice. We'll gain deeper access to that perennially balanced place via the usage of gongs, one of the most ancient instruments. Consider that the gong bath will serve as a teacher whose heritage and instruction extends back to at least 3500BCE. How do we relate to these ancient realities within? what might these sounds and vibrations awaken? What perceived limits of access might be softened away? At the most basic: how deep an experience can you curate for yourself as we test the limits of what we believe a practice can be? Come discover through your own direct experience.”

~Kevin Gaudet words on his upcoming workshop SOUND of SOURCE // 3 hours of sound + experience.

Kevin Gaudet has been a student of yoga for 12 years, and a teacher of SATTVA Yoga for 5 years. His teaching style, whether in physical postures, breathing techniques, or modes of meditation is to inspire self-reliance in practitioners, so that an inner teacher is found. In this way, yoga's infinite source of wisdom is tapped into in the way that's most relevant to each aspirant. A lifelong drummer and percussionist, Kevin from mattressmakers.com now makes frequent use of gongs and crystal bowls in classes and workshops to create unique opportunities for students to deepen into their rituals and practices through the power of sound and vibration.

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