Take a sacred pause + immerse in the beauty that is our community. Be nourished through practice, great nature, and the vitality of our spiritual practice.

Join Tiaga Prem + SJ for a weekend retreat March 20-22


What is offered:

2 nights accommodation, all plant-based meals and immersive yogic program curated by Tiaga Prem + Sara Jade of Dharma Temple to co-incide with the emerging Spring season. This retreat is held at the whimsical Xenia Retreat centre on Bowen Island and provides a container that is purifying, restful + uplifting.

Spring Equinox is a powerful time to gather as it lends an energizing quality to our inner work. Yoga, meditation + ceremonial offerings will provide an opportunity to have deep expeiriences that will elevate your consciousness.

The Equinox retreats are designed as a catalyst for personal growth, while feeling supported and deeply nourished by the enviroment.

Embrace the motivating, enlivening energy of Spring.

Recalibrate + direct your focus to contentment + what you're growing!



All pricing for a 2 night stay includes;  seasonal vegetarian meals, snacks and refreshments,  comfortable, cozy lodging,  yoga, meditation + ceremonial experiences. 

Double Occupancy = $308 per night | $615 total

Single Bed = $297 per night | $595 total


Retreat check in is at Friday March 20. Please arrive on time to settle in + relax!

You can travel to Bowen Island by ferry from Horseshoe Bay.

Car + Walk on options.

Click here for Bowen Island Ferry Schedule + Prices

Catch any of the following busses from Vancouver to the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal: 250, 257, 257 Express, 259. All end at Horseshoe Bay.

**Car Pool Options**  We will be sending out an email a few weeks before we gather and can start a thread of who will be bringing their car + discuss if any rides are required.

Xenia Centre is located at:
782 Smith Road

The Equinox is also known as an energetic new year. Acknowledge the light + the dark – our ability to hold our joy + pain at the same time.

If you have any questions about the retreat please send an email to us!