Take a sacred pause + immerse in the beauty that is our community. Be nourished through practice, great nature, and the vitality of our spiritual practice.

Join Tiaga Prem + SJ for a weekend retreat March 20-22


What is offered:

2 nights accommodation, all plant-based meals and immersive yogic program curated by Tiaga Prem + Sara Jade of Dharma Temple to co-incide with the emerging Spring season. This retreat is held at the whimsical Xenia Retreat centre on Bowen Island and provides a container that is purifying, restful + uplifting.

Spring Equinox is a powerful time to gather as it lends an energizing quality to our inner work. Yoga, meditation + ceremonial offerings will provide an opportunity to have deep expeiriences that will elevate your consciousness.

The Equinox retreats are designed as a catalyst for personal growth, while feeling supported and deeply nourished by the enviroment.

Embrace the motivating, enlivening energy of Spring.

Recalibrate + direct your focus to contentment + what you're growing!



All pricing for a 2 night stay includes;  seasonal vegetarian meals, snacks and refreshments,  comfortable, cozy lodging,  yoga, meditation + ceremonial experiences. 

Double Occupancy = $308 per night | $615 total

Single Bed = $297 per night | $595 total


Retreat check in is at Friday March 20. Please arrive on time to settle in + relax!

You can travel to Bowen Island by ferry from Horseshoe Bay.

Car + Walk on options.

Click here for Bowen Island Ferry Schedule + Prices

Catch any of the following busses from Vancouver to the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal: 250, 257, 257 Express, 259. All end at Horseshoe Bay.

**Car Pool Options**  We will be sending out an email a few weeks before we gather and can start a thread of who will be bringing their car + discuss if any rides are required.

Xenia Centre is located at:
782 Smith Road

The Equinox is also known as an energetic new year.

“Today is the day, today the Heavens are crossing, the cold is crossing to heat, today the warm things, awakening, hibernation, hibernation, seasonal hibernation is over, spring is setting in. Today the hue-man is sprouting.” ~Yogi Bhajan

If you have any questions about the retreat please send an email to us!