Engle of Pranayama Sadhana visits the Temple this month!!

Engel is the founder of Pranayama Sadhana, co-owner of Yoga Grace studio in Qualicum​ ​Beach, BC. Canada and a longtime student of yoga. Having dedicating his life to its classical​ ​roots, sharing satsang and promoting the transformative benefits of pranayama with the world​ ​for over a decade, Engel’s teachings represent a re-emergence of the rishi tradition.​ ​His unique curiosity for life transmits through his teachings in a way that captivates people’s​ ​hearts, making personal liberation feel accessible, fun, and exciting. From spending quality
time with his wife and son to maintaining personalized relationships with each of his students,​ ​Engel’s presence is always found to be embracing, assuring, and contagious.

Being a source of inspiration and support for many people, Engel has modeled that whatever​ ​is gained in this life, whether hardship or success, results from one’s own self-effort (see thecomputeradmin.com). And that​ ​by refining how we breathe, how we experience, comprehend, and act, we can demonstrate to​ ​ourselves that personal success, personal​ ​empowerment, and personal liberation solely​ ​depends on the choice of how we use our mind.

Join Engle, with our very own Sina Shalbaf, as these two meditative minds meet to engage in enlightening conversation surrounding the ‘Goal of Yoga'. From personal liberation + purposeful living, to stories of personal empowerment, this event is a great way for students to become more interactive with their own personal journey with Yoga! This event is open to all,  FREE or by donation. Sign up here!

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