Where the Ego Resides in Spiritual Persuits

The ego is misunderstood in the realm of spiritual pursuits.

We have this idea from religious practices and spiritual teachers that the ego must be completely destroyed and eradicated from the human experience.

Which is impossible as the ego is part of the human experience. The ego will only die when the body dies. It is the glue that holds your life on earth together.

The ego is neutral and magnifies your character. If you are in pain, or stuck in arrogance, or greed, or you don't believe you're good enough to succeed, or are addicted to the need to be right all the time, then the ego will amplify these flaws in your character. It's like money.

As my teacher @gurusinghyogi said to me ‘Money is what money does.' It can be used for harm or for service.

If you're heart is filled with enthusiasm, inspiration, self love and devotion, the ego will magnify that and show up as self confidence. As the Super You! As the God Self.

And this internal knowing will reveal that you are capable of facing any and all adversity. It will light a fire within You that will catch in the hearts of so many of the people that you meet. It will inspire them to go out in the world and live from their inner light.

The Humility the masters speak of is not a humility of playing small and not making waves. It is an Optimistic Humility where you can see how incredibly awesome you are and that everyone is equal to you. That you won't stand for mediocrity. And that You won't stand for the exploitation of other beings, or life on this planet.

You bow at the altar of your own Soul, which is One with God and carry around great confidence. An internal knowing that I can be 10x greater than my teacher and  any master of the past. Plus  everyone on this planet has the same potential and is equal to me.

Tiaga Prem Singh

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