DhaRma FlOw 

Remain established in the best version of You with yoga & meditation to fuel, clear, and direct the mind daily.

An online program that shares to the universal practice of Dharma Yoga, developed by Sina Shalbaf so you may stand as your own teacher.

Dharma Flow Online Course

Namaste & Welcome!

Join Sina Shalbaf for this complete home practitioner's course based around asana, pranayama, mantra, and meditation, as taught in the Dharma Yoga lineage.

A practice designed to engage your muscular system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, glandular-endocrine systems and develop a strong mental attitude. Laying the foundations for success in one's physical and meditation practice, as a tool to bring you closer to your unique Self-Actualized lifestyle. Be In Your Flow.

What you can expect by taking this course:

Develop a Consistent and Powerful Home Physical Practice

Master the foundations of Dharma Yoga, working with a specific posture sequence, pranayamas, meditation & mantra to incorporate them into a Self-practice.

Gain deeper wisdom of hatha-raja yoga via discourse

Gain tools & resources for the home practitioner

Learn an entire sequence that can be modified and varied to your own skill level, time limitations, and desired outcome so you may learn to lead yourself.

Every Posture Broken Down

This program includes multiple live practice variants but also supplies posture clinic videos to break down each specific posture.

Learn Meditation and Breathwork

Connect with the Dharma Lineage

There is no other program in the world which you can take from home and go so deep into the Dharma Yoga Lineage.

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  • Over 6 Hours of Video Content
  • [Video] 75-Minute Live Class with Sina at Dharma Temple
  • [Video] 60-Minute Solo Class with Sina at Home
  • [PDF] Complete Dharma Yoga Sequence 2-Page PDF Asana Guide
  • [Videos] 8 Posture Clinics – 60 Postures Examined
  • [Video] Pranayama Philosophy and Practice
  • [Video] Understanding The OM
  • And More!

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