How to Develop Generosity in Your Life

Feed people.

Yoga can become a selfish, neurotic practice if all you do is get addicted to the poses and body image related issues.

Remember that your inherent Self is beautiful beyond measure and it is your duty to share this truth with the people around you.

Keep up and balance your daily yoga routine with elements of service, meditation, and devotional practice.

The word Yog means union with God, or oneness with your Authentic Self. Yet what are some simple, effective practices to experience this on a daily basis?

One of the most effective is to feed people. Langar aka the free kitchen was started by the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji in about 1481.

It is an incredible practice to honour and uphold the principle of equality between all people of the world regardless of religion, caste, colour, creed, age, gender or social status.

It is seva (selfless service) which is one of the most effective practices to experience Yog, and is a commitment to eliminate extreme poverty in the world, bringing about caring communities in our society.

In addition to the ideals of equality, the tradition of Langar expresses the ethics of sharing, community, inclusiveness and oneness of all humankind. “..the Light of God is in all hearts.” (SGGS 282)

So pay close attention to the world around you and ask yourself how can I serve. Be a kind and compassionate Yogi. And feed people.


Tiaga Prem Singh

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