How to defeat disorders and addictions with Gratitude

See the real you and be the real you.

Many students who come for spiritual counsel are caught up in the neuroses of a self-improvement mentality. Some have even developed eating disorders and addictive tendencies around body shaming issues.

Their yoga practice has become another issue to feel less than, to be harsh and violent in the way they speak to their own soul. Self Improvement is a trap.

How can you improve on Perfection. Divinity. Grace. The real you.

When you start comparing and competing, you lower your standards.

Looking for validation from something outside of yourself. Choose to Love your own Soul.

Remember yoga means Oneness with God. How can you experience that Oneness when your internal prayer is I'm incomplete?

You entered this body in the womb of your earth mother at 120 days. Fully complete. Beautiful. Bountiful. Blissful. Ask you earth mama. She will tell you. You were born like that. With no need for Self Improvement.

So now that you're a grown up connect to that by practicing Gratitude. By saying thank you. By saying I love you to You! By saying you are beautiful to You! Practice Self Love (Union with God aka Yoga) rather than Someday…mental chatter.

Yes, it is important to take care of your body, to exercise, to meditate, to eat a clean & compassionate diet etc. And do this daily to say thank you.

For your body. For your breath. Fill your heart with sweet devotion for this great gift that is your life. To be a yogi is to carry your own soul through this life as a daily prayer of gratitude, so the bumps and bruises of duality, life on earth, don't shake the ground you walk on, but rather inspire the necessary grit to shine. To be Great! To be you!

Take some time today to say thank you. Remind yourself when the mind starts judging or being critical that you are a radiant being of light, a constant expression of how sacred your own soul is and always has been. Acknowledge how wonderful it is to be in relationship with our own soul and say Thank You.


Tiaga Prem Singh

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