Cross Heart Kirtan Kriya

Learn today's yogic technology: Cross Heart Kirtan Kriya

Last night at the new Moon Temple I shared the Cross Heart Kirtan Kriya. What this meditation does is it synchronizes the hemispheres of the brain which will help to clear subconscious beliefs and imprints. The things that hinder us from having a really connected experience in the real time because it's colored from the experiences of the past. A lot of these imprints are from relationships, beliefs that we've picked up that we are not good enough.

When we feel like we're not good enough we look outside of ourselves for things to make us feel better. Those become bad habits and behaviors that are self-destructive.

This can eliminate that insecurity and allow us to feel secure and supported within our own self so we don't need to look for it in another.


Detailed explanation of Cross Heart Kirtan Kriya

The mantra is the bji sounds of sat nam. So sa ta Na ma from infinity comes life and then there's always a death and then the rebirth.

Sa – We touch the tip of the thumb to the tip of the index which is the Jupiter finger. So we are expanding our awareness, tapping into higher knowledge

Ta – We touch the tip of the thumb to the middle finger. That's our Saturn finger. That is the planet associated with our discipline, our devotion and our patience. So when you touch the tip of the fingers we're accessing the energetics of those planets.

The next finger we touch for Na is the Sun. That's the ring finger for vitality and energy – all of  the beautiful gifts that the Sun brings – motivation, willpower, courage.

And then Ma – Touch the tip of the thumb to pinky, our Mercury finger. That's associated with communication. We're opening up this beautiful Meridian line from the pinky finger into the heart so that we're able to express ourselves with clarity and align with our authentic voice.

As you cycle through the tips of the fingers chanting the mantra out loud, it's chanted in a monotone voice. And the wrists are crossed just in front of the heart. Your eyes are closed, rolled up and into the eyebrow center. 

Cross Heart Kirtan Kriya Mantra

Sa ta na ma

Sa ta na ma

Sa ta na ma …

You're just going to keep doing that three minutes minimum. I take it on for 11 minutes a day. If you want to work on really clearing the subconscious and bringing a little bit more balance and security into your life, 40 days is ideal! 40 days establishes a new habit. Perhaps you're inviting in a new thought form to replace some kind of negative habitual one that you were having.

If you have any questions about this Cross Heart Kirtan Kriya meditation, please reach out. 

Many blessings!


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