Creativity is your birth right

Creativity is often viewed as something you do to receive the validation of your peers.

Singing contests and talent shows are a social phenomenon taking place all over the world. But what if creativity is more than just a big test to see if people like us.

What if creativity is our birthright?

Something we must continue to do in order to experience happiness + live a life of vitality and joy.

The breath of our very soul is the need to be creative, it supports the authentic experience of our True Self. I know it's easy to fall into the ‘getting by mentality' where imagination is a parlour game for children and creativity is only for the select few…The gifted ones of the past, of whom there will never be another Bob Dylan or Vincent Van Gogh.

But this my friends is a lie, so don't believe the hype. Stay optimistic and choose to be creative in all of your endeavours. Be the Vincent Van Gogh of love.

In your relationships, keep the flame burning bright. Be the Maestro of business, love + serve people in more creative ways.

Cultivate empathy and connect to the world with a spirit of enthusiasm as your paint brush and a voice for social justice as your pen. Add colour and optimism to the way you experience the day to day.

Keep believing in magic and constantly challenge the world view that creativity is only for the select few.

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