What does it mean to live an authentic life in the Aquarian age?

Want to learn to meditate, raise your consciousness + the vibration of the planet?

Want to empower your leadership skills + be apart of a conscious community?

Join Dharma Temple co-founders Tiaga Prem + Sara Jade for 6 weekends of immersive yogic lifestyle training.


What is Aquarian Luminosity?

This immersive course is designed to reveal to YOU what it means to live as a teacher.  To radiating a confident, peaceful presence of authenticity and self trust. AQL is an immersive, experiential journey to uncover your purpose, and how to show up as a Teacher/Leader in alignment with your values.

In these times of great velocity, and massive change we are all personally experiencing the increase in pressure socially, politically, technologically and facing greater demands than ever known on our nervous system, our relationships, our physical + mental health and how we connect spiritually.

Now more than ever before WE need to take charge of our lives + be the change. It is time to own our autonomy + take the reigns of our personal liberation.

“The spiritual journey is individual, highly personal. It can’t be organized or regulated. It isn’t true that everyone should follow one path. Listen to your own truth.” Ram Dass.

Bow to the master within

In this training you will:

  • Learn to meditate + follow your Inner Guidance
  • Understand breath techniques. Learn practical application of pranayama and how to share breath practices to serve specific conditions.
  • Explore wisdom traditions from eastern + western philosophies and key practices.
  • Strengthen your nervous system + your intuition.
  • Connect to your Inner teacher and develop “your voice”
  • Learn to live in harmony with the elements + how they apply to your lifestyle.
  • Study of yogic systems. 8 Limbs (Raj Yoga) + Kundalini Technology
  • Learn about the power of sound healing; mantra + music, cymatics, photoluminescence.
  • Study food as medicine. Ayurvedic wisdom + plant powered lifestyle.
  • Strengthen energetic boundaries, and cultivate aligned relationships
  • Maximize your creativity.
  • Embrace the Divine Feminine + Sacred Masculine and go beyond the binary.
  • Develop your own ritual lifestyle, integrating the tools that work for you.
  • “Yoga as medicine” develop a personal sadhana.
  • Group work, practice teaching and discussion to uncover how to lead + serve.
  • Participate in earth stewardship, spiritual activism + seva programs.

This is the age, the time is now… learn some techniques, apply it in your own way + share from your experience.

This training will serve you the tools necessary to inspire enthusiasm, develop intuition, and the give yourSelf the authority to step into the role of the Teacher (aka best version of You).

Breaking the paradigm of an outdated education system, Aquarian Luminosity is an immersive personal exploration of applying yogic technology to live a conscious life.

Aquarian Luminosity provides tools, knowledge + dialogue to be a strong + steady individual. When individuals are strong, society is strong. When we connect with like-minded folks, strengthen our understanding of our values + hopes for humanity, – we are inspired to change. Daily practice inspires action for heart-centered communication, service + experiences.

“You are the catalyst. You make the yoga work. Without you, all teachings, are just words on a page.” ~Sara Jade

Course Tuition: 

Total: $3300 + gst

To reserve your spot please pay a deposit of $333 + remaining tuition or

Payment plan : 3 payment of $1200

*Applicants will be contacted by course administrator for entrance interview upon registration.

Course Dates / Weekends  | CALGARY 2020

Oct 9-11 | Oct 16-18
Nov 21-22 |+ Nov 27-29
Jan 8-10 |Jan 15-17

The course will begin Friday evenings runs Saturday + Sunday all day with breaks.

** Exact Calgary course times will be announced soon**

If you have any questions about the course please send an email to lead trainers directly using the form below.