Class Offerings

Our classes are for all-levels of practitioners. At Dharma Temple we practice according to our personal + unique, ever-changing conditions. There are no expectations or requirements to get the full benefits of our classes, come be as you are.


Simply put, Kundalini is an energy, Kundalin means “circular” or a “spiral”  This energy, when activated + cultivated helps to raise our vibration.  It is a Technology to amplify human consciousness. Our human life is much like a spiral, and therefore Kundalini can be supportive in helping us learn + integrate lessons through strengthening the mind + energetic container of the body. Breathwork, rhythmic meditations + Mantra can be key components of the practice.


All-levels creative flow. Breath, movement + yogic techniques to support mind-body-spirit connection. Sacred shapes with devotion.


within the body while developing a meditative focus. Long holds and relaxing breath to open the body + ease the mind. Perfect for life in the city.


Come to get comfortable + unwind. Restorative utilizes a series of gentle postures to align the body with breath to restore, revive, & relax back to a natural state of being.