Bow to the Master Within

On the yogic path, especially as a teacher, it is essential that one learn to bow.

Your Commitment + Devotion will reveal Great Character, your essential Self, and this Awakening contains the potency of Adi Shaki, the primal force of all Creation.

Basically, you have Super Powers (siddhis). These Powers are a result of your ability to get out of your own way, out of your head + and the competitive side of the lower self, allowing your Infinite Identity, (Self Realization aka Oneness with God aka Ik Ongkaar) to shine through you.

You realize that you are a channel for the Omnipotent Power of the One. Call it God. Call it the Guru. Call it Unconditional Love. Call it whatever you want. For this Force is beyond the beyond, beyond description, accessed only by humans, who choose to live up to their birthright (hue means light – man means mind…), who align with their Commitment + Devotion.

Not commitment or devotion to something, like the rules and regulations of religion, government, society etc but rather existing in a state of commitment and devotion on a deeper level, like the mystics of the past (for example Guru Nanak, Rumi, Hafiz Anandamayi Ma etc) Living life as a prayer.

A conduit for the High Voltage Love and Healing Force of the One. The only danger in all of this, much like in comic books and myths from the past, is that as you gain mastery in your craft, you may start to believe that this power has been born out of your own selfish desires rather than out of your commitment + devotion.

This can lead you to the dark side aka claiming these powers were created for you by you, and all other humans are beneath you, which is contradictory to yoga.

Yoga=equanimity aka Equal to All aka there is no hierarchy.

And when we bow to our intellect's understanding of GOD (again call it what you need to-it is inclusive) we stay crystal clear, free from selfish desires, and operate from a place where we see the Oneness in All. The face of our Beloved everywhere we go.

So become a channel for your super powers, bow to the Guru within you, and in doing so you will elevate the world around you.


Tiaga Prem Singh

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