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If you’ve ever broken into tears, been swept into a current of strong emotions, or been pummelled by haunting memories during your yoga [...]

Without values the world will impose itself on you

If you have not defined your values based on your own true voice, then everything outside of you is going to try to impose its values [...]

How Does Kundalini Yoga Work?

Here's one of the things that I think makes Kundalini Yoga so effective: the psychology of the human mind we call the brain or the [...]

How to Feel More Grounded in Kundalini Yoga

Sometimes I hear comments like, “I don't want to practice Kundalini Yoga because it makes me feel spacey” or “I feel ungrounded after [...]

How Do I Stop Thinking in Meditation

The common question is, “How do I stop thinking in meditation?” I hear that from students a lot and I think no, you won't stop [...]

Cross Heart Kirtan Kriya

Learn today's yogic technology: Cross Heart Kirtan Kriya Last night at the new Moon Temple I shared the Cross Heart Kirtan Kriya. What [...]

Discovering Who You Really Are Through Meditation

What do I mean when I say that “in the end, the path is no path”?  What I mean is, when you begin, there may be a necessity or a [...]

How Memory and Time is Preventing Your True Freedom

How could memory or time be distracting me from who I am? We put so much emphasis on memory, like when you have a conversation with [...]

How to Live Wild and Free

This is a transcript of ‘How to Live Wild and Free' a video featuring Tiaga Prem of The Dharma Temple. Don't be contained. Don't [...]

Suffering, Joy and the Doctrine of Interdependence

The following is an edited transcript based on the above Video which features Tiaga Prem, Teaching director at the Dharma Temple. The [...]

A Powerful Communication Mantra and Mudra

Communication Mantra and Mudra for Challenging Conversations Today we're gonna work on a five-minute practice that includes a [...]

How to Deal with Anxiety and Stress During a Heat Wave

3 Minute Lunar Channel Breathing used to overcome anxiety, stress and overwhelm during times of intense heat and solar energy. This is [...]

Our Journey of Finding Kundalini Yoga.

This article is loosely transcribed from the video above. It is a conversation between Sara Jade and Tiaga Prem two of the three [...]

The Biggest Misconception about Kundalini Yoga

If there was one thing that you wanted the world to know about Kundalini Yoga what would it be and why?” SAT NAM. What a great [...]

E03 – Insights to the Upper Chakras: Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown

Today I sit down with Reno, aka Tiaga Prem Singh to finish our discussion on the chakras. Last week we talked about the lower three [...]

E02 – What are Chakras? Insights to the Root, Sacral & Navel Chakra

In this episode of Revealing the Diamond, Tiaga Prem Singh offers an insightful discussion of the chakra system sharing insights into [...]

E01 – What does it mean to Reveal the Diamond?

In this episode of Revealing the Diamond Reno shares the fundamentals of a elevated personal practice, which are designed for house [...]

[Podcast] How to Spot the Blessings and The Power of Gratitude – Revealing the Diamond E02

This week we talk about gratitude as the second episode of the Revealing the Diamond podcast! We are super excited to be broadcasting [...]

[Podcast] How to Elevate and Become Your Higher Self through Meditation – Revealing the Diamond E01

This week we talk about meditation as the first episode of the Revealing the Diamond podcast! We are super excited to be broadcasting [...]