Backbending with Beka

Join trailblazer, creatress, master of movement, Rebecca Halls as she offers safe, effective methods for backbending.

Rebecca (Beka) holds a  B.F.A. Contemporary Dance Concordia, years of yoga training, experimentation, trial + error with a passionate approach to studying movement + bodies.

She has taught worldwide, founded HOOPURBIA and now lives + teaches in LA.

This workshop we will explore which areas of your spine are more restricted, and which have more mobility.

You will learn how to open the whole spine, create space in the body, and integrate GYROTONIC & GYROKINESIS principles into your yoga practice.

You will learn how not to rely on only one portion of your spine but rather move and bend your whole spine.

You will learn techniques to unlock your hips and your shoulders to facilitate backbends along with breathing methods to strengthen your practice and go deeper into your backbend and explore variations without hurting yourself.

This workshop will benefit any level of yoga practitioner (or other movement modality) who would to deepen their understanding of their body and backbends.


Workshop Date: Saturday July 23rd 2-4pm
Price: $30

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