Cacao Ceremony with Bachan Kaur – April 30th

 ‘Divine Heart Shine' – A Cacao Ceremony: Awakening our radiant love through movement, song and cacao

A special morning gathering to embrace ourselves, each other, heavens and the earth.
We will enjoy a fun and nurturing cacao ceremony to warm our souls and explore the magic and joy of the voice within.

Through movement, sound and devotional practices from the kundalini yoga tradition and many others we will heal, awaken and expand our energetic frequency into radiance.

Bachan is recently returning from co-facilitating a 3 week long “yoga of sound and chocolate” training in Guatemala and is looking forward to sharing some of the precious jewels of love and magic from this experience with the Vancouver community. Lets create some glow to add to this world!

Come in comfy clothes ready to move and sing. An empty tummy or light breakfast is ideal.
FYI Cacao is not mandatory, you can participate fully with water or another beverage if you like.

Sunday April 30th, 9 – 11 am

Cost: $25 (Please note that DMT is cancelled for this very special event. This event is not included in any of our yoga packages.)

Register here.


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