A Powerful Communication Mantra and Mudra

Communication Mantra and Mudra for Challenging Conversations

Today we're gonna work on a five-minute practice that includes a communication mantra and mudra.

Communication is so essential and it's something that I think about is that a master yogi is not necessarily somebody who's very flexible and bendy but as somebody who is effective at communication. Effective in their relationships and in their business, with their families and with the people they meet on the street.

It's so essential during this time where there's a lot of pressure for people, people are stressed out they have anxiety.

If we want to be masters of yoga we need to learn to really open our hearts and be there for people who are struggling even if those people are ourselves. If we can just learn to be clear about who we are in this world you can start to create some positive change.

It's very simple. You can do it in five minutes which we'll work on today. This time we're in right now is a time of Mercury retrograde. It goes until the middle of August. We don't have to get to spacey or ethereal about understanding this we just recognize that mercury on the hands is the pinky finger it's the finger of communication.

If mercury is in retrograde, communications not functioning effectively. We can connect through the body, the computer of the body, the hardware of the body to clear some of the blockages and be able to communicate in the time where there's gonna be blockages we see it in the planets and we see it in the stars.

We can also use mantra and sound to clear the voice so that we were able to communicate effectively.

To say what we mean and to mean what we say.

The practice will be five minutes and then the mantra and the mudras can be done on their own throughout the day.

Say you're going into a business meeting and you really need to be clear on what you're going to say to the other person you could use the mudra from the meditation.

Say you're on your way to meet with somebody order coffee to have a challenging conversation or just a regular conversation and you want to be really clear and concise about what you have to say or to share, you could hum along the way it's really simple stuff.

The Communication Mantra

The first thing that you'll do is you'll sit comfortably. It doesn't have to be cross-legged just make sure your feet are grounded on the floor and make your spine really straight.

Press the back of the neck long.

Focus your awareness at the space between the eyebrows.

What you'll do for three minutes is you'll chant the sound of ‘hum'.

Then you'll breathe in through the nose  and again chant ‘hummmmmmm' and so on for three minutes straight. Watch the video above if you are uncertain about what to do.

While you do this you may visualize the color blue at the throat Center which is the color of the throat chakra.

This sound will just start to clear any kind of blockages. It feels good for the throat even if you wake up and you feel a little bit coarse or you have a frog in your throat.

Then the last part of it is after your three minutes you'll start by just taking the thumb and pressing it on the nail of the mercury finger and sitting in meditation and listening deeply, not necessarily listening for something or listening to the surface sounds around you, like the sounds of the water, the sounds of the birds, the sounds of your refrigerator humming, but more so listening deeply to the sounds within.

Give it a try.

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Tiaga Prem

This article was transcribed and edited from the video above.

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